Mr Dalgleish's Story

The Brief

Back in 1982, the Dalgleish’s bought their smart four bed, two bathroom property. After eight years, the couple needed to create more space for their growing family.

They built an extension above the garage that would house the large master suite they’d always longed for, creating a five bed, three bathroom property.

This newly created area was quite large and they felt it would be better to divide up the space to make it work most effectively. After a lot of thought the couple decided to create two rows of wardrobes that sat back to back, to separate out the bedroom space, creating a dressing room and en suite area. It was at this point that they contacted Sharps.

Mr Dalgleish

Mr Dalgleish

Job Summary

  • Large extension area
  • Need to divide up space
  • Creation of dressing area and en suite
  • Two rows of back to back wardrobes
Although it was 25 years ago, the Dalgleish’s remember very well the help and advice they received from their Sharps designer, who not only suggested incorporating the archway, but recommended mirrored doors on the dressing room side. At Sharps
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Nearly everything in life is made now to throw away – it’s really nice that we’ve bought the wardrobes and they have lasted so well. It pays to buy quality. Mr Dalgleish

The Solution

The couple’s designer helped them choose the popular Ascot (1990) range as he felt this was a classic design that wouldn’t go out of style. How right he was! Having seen a similar design in his local Sharps showroom Mr Dalgleish says “We chose a range that is still as current now as it was all those years ago. It looks as good today as it did when it was installed in 1990.”

Even back in the day, Sharps were at the forefront of interior storage solutions and, in order to accommodate Mr Dalgleish’s many shirts and suits, their designer recommended double hanging space, which was then very different from what was available in traditional, freestanding wardrobes.

After Image
After Image
  • Classic design that wouldn't go out of style
  • Elegant furniture in a white finish
  • Glazed wardrobe doors add to the traditional theme
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How we did it

Good looks aren’t the only things to last with these Sharps Ascot (1990) wardrobes. Throughout the years, Mr Dalgleish has only contacted Sharps twice – once to have a hinge replaced and the second time to request a new tie rack.

The only thing the couple has added to the design since 1990 is fabric behind the Georgian style windows in the wardrobe doors. The fact that this can easily be changed and updated along with the room décor is considered a great benefit.

How we did it
How we did it
  • Mirrored doors on the dressing room side to create more light
  • Double hanging internal storage
  • Interchangeable fabric was added behind the glazed doors
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