View our slideshow or play our video to find out more about children's bedrooms. To discover more about flexible storage and our cabin bed please read below.

Children's bedrooms with Flexispace

We're so fanatical about maximising the space in your bedroom that we've developed a unique bedroom furniture system that allows us to fit from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, even in the smaller, most awkward shaped rooms typically associated with a children's bedroom.

Our kid's bedroom furniture also boasts our convenient and practical Flexispace range of internal storage solutions. These wardrobe and furniture storage solutions can be easily adjusted as your children grow; using an Allen key the wardrobe shelving and hanging rails can be altered to fit your children's clothes and toys which grow in size just like they do!

Children's Cabin Bed

Our range of children's bedroom furniture now includes a new practical and stylish cabin bed which provides an ideal solution for children's bedrooms that are short on space with fantastic built in storage underneath such as drawers, cupboards and open shelving.

Pictured with our cabin bed is our extra deep wardrobe that goes right to the back of the wall maximising every millimetre of space. This wardrobe design works perfectly with Flexispace internal storage solutions, providing room for triple hanging rails at the front and shelving at the back of the wardrobe. Built in to the extra deep children's wardrobes you'll also find an alcove unit which provides a suitable alternative for storing items such as children's books and alarm clocks when there isn't room for a bedside table.