Fitted Wardrobes

At Sharps we will work with you in order to create a storage solution that will not only be of a unique style and configuration, but tailor made to the exact dimensions of your room or space.

With bespoke fitted wardrobes that can stretch from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, even in the most awkward shaped rooms. Inside, storage space has been maximised to make room for an innovative range of storage solutions that are chosen with you in mind and tailored by us to your precise needs and requirements. Then, when it comes to fitting, we will further tailor the wardrobe to your room or space, cutting and scribing the frame so they precisely fit neatly into every little space.

The result will build you a beautifully designed and crafted bedroom with more storage space than you might think. At Sharps we can give you the perfect space you never knew you had.

soft-close doors come as standard on all ranges