How to fold clothes to save time and space…

Folding your clothes well will not only help them to look organised and tidy on a shelf or in a drawer, but will also help them to remain crease free, so they look as fresh when they are pulled out to be worn as they did when they were ironed and stored away.

Read Vicky's top tips on how to fold your clothes to store them better.

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  • How to get started - invest in a folding board. It will help you to perfect your technique
  • Always use a flat surface - it doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it’s flat enough so that your items remain crease free as you fold
  • Folding into a pile - Never 'pull' an item out that is in the middle of a folded pile. Take the whole pile off the shelf, find what you need, then replace the pile back onto the shelf.
  • Vertical folding - fold clothes and store vertically in drawers. It saves space and allows all items to be visible
  • Save precious time - watch the video below to learn how to fold a tshirt in just 2 seconds!
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