How to kit out your Guest Room

How to kit out your Guest RoomSummer is approaching fast, with longer days and (with a bit of luck) better weather. So without a doubt friends and family will be knocking on each other’s door for a visit. We understand that every bedroom showcases the owner’s personality, so what should you do with a guest bedroom? We had a think about the basic necessities and some extra ideas which will go down a treat with every one of your visitors!

The basics: Furniture

It goes without saying that every guest room needs a bed and bedside tables, and interestingly, symmetrical rooms are said to be more appealing. It’s functional as guests can sleep on either side of the bed whilst having an individual table for their bits and bobs. Also store extra bedding and blankets in the wardrobe. This leaves the option for visitors to add an extra blanket if they get a bit nippy in the middle of the night. Another bonus is having an armchair or an end of bed bench. It adds a cosy touch to the room while having functionality.

The extras: Accessories

Having fresh flowers or a small bottle of linen spray goes a long way to making your guest feel right at home. Certain smells such as Lavender will help provide a calming environment. Moving on to bedtime, some guests may like to read before they hit the hay. So be prepared with a few good novels and leave them on the chest of drawers; it doubles up as décor for the room too! Lastly, pop an alarm clock on the bedside table. It might not seem like much, but it gives your guests freedom to take charge of their mornings.

Our Pièce de résistance:

Try to make a small welcome kit for each visitor with amenities such as towels, soap and shampoo. If you really want to go out an impress, find out what luxuries your guest likes to use.

Believe us, if you make these little touches to your spare bedroom, your guests will be coming back again and again!

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