Winter is approaching fast, and with that comes the excitement of the holidays just around the corner.  Although Christmas may feel like some time away, no doubt you will have plenty of friends and relatives who are already planning on how and where they will be spending the festive season.  If your home always feels like it is the central hub of everyone’s social visits, it is important that you are ready for when those unannounced visitors come knocking.  We understand that you want every room in your home to show off your personality, but what should you do with a guest bedroom? We had a think about the basic necessities and some extra ideas which will go down a treat with every one of your Christmas callers!

The Basics


With storage space being at a premium in other areas of the house, many of us use our spare bedrooms as multipurpose areas – and that is only if we are lucky to have a spare room at all.  Whether it has purposefully been given a multifunction use, such as a bedroom combined with a home office, or if it has just turned into a glorified dumping ground for all those bits and bobs that don’t seem to have a home anywhere else, it is time to have a bit of a clear up.  Clear the room of all of your personal items and other clutter, then give the room a really good clean.  If the room is rarely entered, it is easy to overlook things that needs attention, for example, do all of the light bulbs work?  Have the radiators been turned on?


It goes without saying that every guest room needs a bed and bedside tables, and interestingly, symmetrical rooms are said to be more appealing. It’s functional as guests can sleep on either side of the bed whilst having an individual table for their odds and ends.  Another bonus is having an armchair or an end of bed bench. It adds a cosy touch to the room while having functionality.


Store extra bedding and blankets in the wardrobe.  This leave the option for visitors to add an extra layer of warmth if they get a bit nippy in the night.  Use good quality sheets such as cotton or linen.  And if you have space, you may even want to consider purchasing a luggage rack, to keep grubby suitcase wheels off the bed!


As well as double checking that all light bulbs are in good working order, check that all existing lighting is suitable for your guest’s needs.  One solitary ceiling light may be fine if your guest room is used solely as a storage area, but is it creating the right sort of welcoming environment?  Ensure that your guests have some appropriate bedside lights for some night time reading.  And if you want to go the extra mile, why not think about some seasonal string lights?  Not only will they create a cosy ambience, but will add a hint of festive decoration to the room.

The Extras


Having fresh flowers or a small bottle of linen spray goes a long way to making your guest feel right at home. Certain smells such as lavender will help provide a calming environment. Moving on to bedtime, some guests may like to read before they hit the hay. So be prepared with a few good novels and leave them on the chest of drawers; it doubles up as décor for the room too! Lastly, pop an alarm clock on the bedside table. It might not seem like much, but it gives your guests freedom to take charge of their mornings.


Nobody likes going on a wild goose chase trying to track down a clean towel, so ensure there are plenty to last for the duration of the whole visit.  And if you want to add a sense of ‘hotel luxury’ to the room, pop the towels in the drier before your guests arrive to make them soft and fluffy, tie a ribbon around the bundle and place at the end of the bed.


Even the closest of friends may not want you to see them first thing in the morning, bleary eyed and still in their pyjamas, so why not provide them with their own hotel style tea-tray? All that is required is a freshly filled kettle, some mugs and some tea bags, and your guests will have their own personal morning room service.  Plus it will avoid the awkward 7.30am meets in the kitchen!

Our Pièce de Résistance

Try to make a small welcome kit for each visitor with amenities such as soap and shampoo.  Most of us will have some miniatures lying around the house that we have collected from various trips abroad, so this is a great way of putting them to good use. And if you really want to go all out and impress, find out what luxuries your guests like to use.

Believe us; if you make these little touches to your spare bedroom, your guests will be coming back again and again!

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