How to live a less cluttered life...

Sharps has teamed up with Professional Organiser, Vicky Silverthorn from youneedavicky to show us how to tackle the clutter and be more organised at home.

Watch our videos by CLICKING HERE to discover some of Vicky's top tips on how to ensure that your wardrobe not only looks better, but is more organised for you and your things!

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Is your wardrobe so messy that you are not sure where anything is anymore? Follow Vicky's top tips and watch our videos to help you create a bedroom that is calm and organised, and that you actually enjoy interacting with every day.

  • Start Small - Decluttering your whole bedroom in one go can be very overwhelming. Start with a small area such as your sock drawer, and work around your room bit by bit.
  • Ask yourself questions - Do you still like it? Does it look good on you or just on the hanger? Does it still fit? Is it simply worn out?
  • Use space efficiently - everyday items should be easily accessible, whereas items occasionally used can be tucked away.
  • Think seasonally - for most, holiday wear is not needed all year round, so store in a box with your suitcase, out of the way.
  • Save space - look for space saving items such as skinny hangers to help you maximise the capacity of your wardrobe.



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