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Fashion and lifestyle blogger Josie, came to Sharps to help transform her small, spare bedroom in her South West London home, into the walk in wardrobe she always dreamed of. Read her story and watch her videos, which detail everything from the design and build, to exactly how she organises and displays her beautiful clothes!

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As a fashion blogger, and fashion hoarder – clothing storage has always been a bit of a problem. In our 3 bedroom South West London home, we always used the smallest bedroom for storage; with a couple of sets of drawers, and a large wardrobe always overflowing with my clothes, as well as a standalone rail in the second bedroom that would be used for my ‘overflow’ – it was far from ideal. I found myself getting stressed about the lack of organisation, and started researching storage solutions for the smallest room.

After much considerations of all of our options, we decided to bring in the professionals to help us analyse the best use of space for our third bedroom, and we invited Sharps to come and chat to us about converting the room into a walk-in wardrobe. The initial consultation was incredibly useful – with measurements being taken to understand exactly how much rail space we needed, and questions asked about how we’d like the room to look visually, and how we’d use it. The Sharps consultant even took note of the height of my ankle boots, to ensure he allowed enough height when it came to building the shoe shelves!

I had presumed that building a bespoke walk in wardrobe would take months of planning and building, but I was told in fact that once the designs had been approved (a process that takes around two weeks, during which a surveyor visits the property to ensure the precise measurements are taken) it would only take around 3 days to build. 



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