Why choose Sharps sliding doors

In our experience, people choose sliding doors for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s simply a case of aesthetics – they like the stylish, contemporary look they offer. Others have limited ‘bed to wardrobe’ space in their bedroom so a door that slides, rather than opens out, offers a practical advantage. We’ve also had customers who want to partition off the side of a living room to create a separate study or home office. Or those who have done the same with an awkward corner of their bedroom to create a fabulous walk-in wardrobe.

Why Choose Sharps?

Whatever the reason you’ve decided on sliding doors, here’s half a dozen more to choose Sharps.

1 Unlike some other manufacturers, we don’t use standard sliding door sizes and form a frame of varying depths and widths to accommodate them.

2 We make your sliding doors to order, from scratch, in our UK factory.

3 First we measure the aperture in your room, take away the size of our slimline top and bottom running rails and side panels, then calculate the exact height and width of each door required in the run.

4 Your totally bespoke, sliding doors are weighted, so there is no rattle, and adjusted on site so they glide closed smoothly, every time.

5 Our sliding door collection is available in over 600 configurations, in a range of styles, finishes and colours.

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