2012 Trends - Glamour

2012 Trends - GlamourEveryone feels their best when dressed in the most glamorous outfit and in 2012 this ethos will transfer into the bedroom. As the most intimate space in your home, the bedroom should be a space where you can relax and indulge – so why not dial up the glamour?

Surrounded by your favourite items of clothing and accessories, it’s the perfect place to express your most dazzling side. Glamour should never be compromised by lack of space and with fitted furniture, every glamazon ensuring that your bedroom will never feel cluttered by lots of extraneous bits and pieces.

For those fascinated by ‘Sex And The City’ inspired styling, the Glamour cabinet is the perfect solution. Designed to work with any of Sharps’ bedroom collections, the elegant Glamour Cabinet is an internal wardrobe boudoir that creates a place for every must-have beauty item and provides the perfect environment for preening. Featuring a mirror, internal lighting and easily accessible shelving, the Glamour Cabinet keeps make-up, styling products and appliances close to hand – all you need to do is open your wardrobe doors and it’s ‘showtime’.

No glamorous outfit is complete without a touch of sparkling jewellery and the same applies for your bedroom. In line with the glam fashion trend, Sharps has a range of 40 stylish handles, including a glistening ‘mosaic’ option, which creates a show stopping effect and would fit perfectly with the glamour cabinet. If you want to add a touch of subtle sparkle, there are also a selection of ‘crystal’ handles to choose from – adding the ultimate glamorous finishing touch.

Expert tip: The trend for glamorising can also compliment a minimalist look, such as a collection of crisp white fitted wardrobes, as subtle touches can be added to create interest and opulence.

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