2012 Trends - Texture

2012 Trends - TextureEveryone loves the look and feel of a chic boutique hotel, with its characteristic co-ordinating décor, crisp bed linen and luxurious textures. Taking a leaf out of chic hotel’s design book, creating a ‘luxe’ feel through texture will be a key bedroom trend for 2012.

Texture adds depth, warmth, interest and visual appeal to the bedroom. Mixing materials such as wood grains and tactile fabrics like satin, silk and organza will allow any space, big or small, to evoke the an ambience of a glamorous boudoir. Heavy wood grains and subtle wild wood effects make a bold statement through texture and provide a bold background in the bedroom – allowing you get creative by building up layers of different materials and colours through accessories and soft furnishings.

Inspired by the décor of intimate boutique hotels, Sharps has developed Boutique. Featuring a mixture of luxurious ripple textured grain doors in a dramatic black finish contrasted with smooth chrome handles, Boutique offers a unique look for the bedroom that is guaranteed to add a touch of glamorous texture to any space. Additions such as grand, buttoned headboard in a luxurious velvet finish complement the lavish feel and make a bold statement. Freestanding bedside tables, in a matching deep grain effect, dressed with delicately placed table lamps would complete the boutique look.

With an olive wood high gloss finish, Urban Olive is an unusual blend of old and new design that will give wow-factor to any bedroom scheme. The true beauty of this bedroom comes from the distinctive natural grain of the olive wood and the high shine that comes from the stunning gloss finish.

Expert tip: Opting for furniture with a vertical wood pattern draws the eye and adds both height and stunning texture to the room.

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