The tropical trend has been hugely popular, seen paraded up and down every catwalk with pineapples and flamingos taking centre-stage. Similarly, the botanical trend has continued to be hugely influential with the tropical leaf prints and jungle-inspired looks making their mark on the fashion world. 

These trends are now also proving incredibly popular in the world of interiors and are ideal for transforming your home into a holiday haven, (allowing you to escape to a tropical paradise every time you step through the front door)– perfect if you’re not jetting off anywhere this summer!

Here are our top 7 tips to help you achieve this look at home:

  1. If you are feeling brave, opt for bold wallpapers that incorporate leaf-print or fruit illustration designs to really make a strong style statement in your home. If you don’t want to overpower your room, but still want to encompass the botanical/tropical vibes, wallpaper just one zone, to make a stand-out feature wall.

  2. Window dressings are another great way to incorporate these exotic trends into your living space, and like wallpaper, they will do so in a bold fashion. By opting for ‘look at me’ jungle print curtains, you will immediately create an eye-catching focal point in your room.

  3. Soft furnishings will make a subtler nod to tropical and botanical trends – cushions and throws that feature interesting animal prints or flamingo accents will scream wild style and are easily interchangeable as your tastes evolve.

  4. Furniture made from natural materials will help to bring the outside in. Look for mango wood and bamboo stools which can also double up as bedside tables to create a calming and zen environment in your home.

  5. Wall art that depicts a jungle scene or perhaps a stunning bouquet design will help bring your walls to life and will seamlessly incorporate these trends into your scheme. Why not gather a few frames and accents together as a gallery wall feature.

  6. Succulents have been one of the latest crazes to take the interior design world by storm. These thick-leaved desert plants will add a touch of the outdoors to your home and are the perfect addition to the botanical trend – plus they’re super simple to look after!

  7. If you just want a few traces of the tropics throughout your home, candles in a quirky pineapple design will make for an interesting conversation starter and will leave a delicious scent throughout – making guests never wanting to leave your home!

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