Douglas's Story

The Brief

Over the last 13 years, Douglas McCrorie had grown increasingly dissatisfied with the layout and furniture in the master bedroom of his home.

There was a huge amount of wasted space due to a chimney breast on a back wall and although there was room to put two freestanding wardrobes; there was an extremely narrow alcove that Douglas described as ‘empty space.’ In addition to freestanding wardrobes, there was also a tallboy in the room, but the furniture was very mismatched.

Aware of Sharps, Douglas decided to contact us, saying ”Sharps felt like the leading brand for what I wanted, and some of my colleagues had used Sharps before and had given good feedback.”

Douglas McCrorie

Douglas McCrorie

Job Summary

  • Chimney breast in room
  • Awkward corner alcove
  • Lack of storage
  • Wasted space
The designer suggested the Modena Real Wood range for a luxury hotel look and also gave two options on layout. Either blocking in the chimney breast entirely or building in wardrobes either side. At Sharps
Before Image
Eventually my things seemed to outgrow my freestanding furniture and it felt like I had stuff everywhere. Sharps have increased my hanging space by a remarkable amount! Douglas McCrorie

The Solution

Douglas had the option to either block in the chimney breast entirely or build wardrobes either side. He went for the first option as he liked the designer's idea to store smaller bits and pieces, while the deeper shelves were ideal for all the things he used to store in the tallboy.

The design also allowed space for his own mirror – creating a neat dressing table area tucked away behind the wardrobe doors!

The wardrobes were built with internal storage solutions that go right up to ceiling height allowing for double hanging space. Douglas said “they have increased the hanging space by a remarkable amount. I have no idea how I used to fit all of my things into my old furniture”.

After Image
After Image
  • Modena Range from the Real Wood Collection
  • Chimney breast was blocked in creating room for storing small items
  • Neat dressing table tucked away behind the wardrobe doors
  • Floor to ceiling storage with double hanging rails
After Image

How we did it

Mr McCrorie was looking to create ‘an expensive hotel’ style to his room, so his designer helped him choose the Modena range from the Real Wood collection. His bedroom was transformed into a practical space that has plenty of storage space, but also has that wow factor due to the beautiful look and feel of real wood.

In addition to being delighted with the practicalities of his new Sharps fitted bedroom, Douglas says his overall favourite thing is the finish of the doors. Modena, like all of the ranges in the Sharps Real Wood collection, features the unique grain, look and texture of naturally beautiful wood, doors made in Italy from sustainably sourced timber and also solid wood door frames & real wood veneered centre & side panels.

How we did it
How we did it
  • We created deep shelving that goes right back to the wall in the narrow alcove to the right of the chimney breast
  • Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall wardrobes optimised internal full length and double hanging space
  • We set back a filler panel to accommodate an existing wall vent
  • The wardrobes are made from sustainably sourced timber, solid wood door frames and real wood veneered centre and side panels
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