A bedroom fit for a Queen


A bedroom fit for a QueenThe nation is currently gripped by Royal Wedding fever and the majority of the nation is clambering over themselves to get a piece of the action. Endless pieces of royal memorabilia have been commissioned to mark the impending nuptials, for example one that may have caught your attention recently is this sliding door design featuring the Royal couple. Whilst this is probably a little too much for most, it got us thinking what other, more subtle touches can you add to your bedroom to celebrate this great British occasion?

Adding a royal feel to your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean kitting your house out in official wedding memorabilia, there are plenty of other ways to make your bedroom feel like a palace. How about accessorising your walls or soft furnishings with a subtle yet stylish crown design, using a stencil ? Or investing in a gilded mirror which is sure to add an air of grandeur to your boudoir,

However if Royals aren’t your thing, but you do fancy opting for a patriotic theme in your bedroom, one of our favourite pieces is this Union Jack throne-style chair. It is also available in hot pink – perfect for any budding ladies in waiting. The British flag is fast becoming a style staple in its own right with furnishings from cushions to this trunk coffee table cropping up in homes all over the country.

A less expensive but still clever way to add a touch of British vintage culture to your room is with some 1950’s style propaganda posters for some good old fashioned moral rousing.

So whether you are awaiting the royal wedding with anticipation or not, hopefully with these ideas you will soon be able to have your own palace in which to kick back and rule Brittania.

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