A Stunning grey & copper Dressing Room transformation

Blogger Hayley Clough shares her honest review on her brand new dove grey, Shaker dressing room…

I didn't really need a dressing room but needed an office space. I didn't really want to use a full room for an office space but I wanted a dressing room. The solution - combine them both and create a multi-use room that combines my wants and needs.

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We had large fitted wardrobes in the master bedroom, however they were very poorly done and didn't fit our needs. We both get up at very different times in the morning and were continually waking each other up, it started to get a little frustrating. We decided it would be best to utilise one of the spare rooms adjacent to the master bedroom and turn this into a dressing room / office space.

Where to start though? The room was an awkward layout, with two of the walls having windows which made these walls unusuable for wardrobe space. We knew that we would fill one of the walls with a row of wardrobes but wasn't sure if this would be enough space to really cater for our needs. This is where we needed help...can we do something a little different, do we need drawers too? This when we decided to look at professional companies which specialised in fitted wardrobes.

To be quite honest, we didn't look very far. I already knew about Sharps, I had seen TV advertisements and I knew someone who had used them. James visited the Sharps website and saw that we could get a free consultation at the house so booked in straight away (he also found a £150 off voucher). One week passed and it was finally consultation time, the exciting bit to be honest. Going in with an empty vision and no intention of committing straightaway, we were so quickly sold on the idea, design and layout that we committed and put down a deposit on the day. Luckily we received a discount due to a spring sale they had on at the time.

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