Blogger House Renovation: My Sharps Solution Part 1

Lifestyle blogger Jenny Lambert takes us on her journey from town house to country cottage…

Let’s face it – there’s no such thing as a stress-free move. The whole process is like a gauntlet for the nervous system. While it’s extremely exciting (we all love a new project!),things can add up. For example, making sure things go in the right boxes, treasures are protected and your baby (who’s just learnt to crawl) doesn’t face-plant the bubble-wrap. Something I’ve recently learnt after becoming a mum is to politely accept the offer of help and, if you can afford to, leave the tricky things to the experts… 

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No Room at the Inn

After our son’s arrival last Christmas, we quickly realised that our current home had some limitations that couldn’t be solved via DIY. Our son Joshua was growing at lightning speed so we decided to find somewhere that offered us more room to grow into as a family. My husband and I grew up in the countryside so were keen to offer Josh a similar experience. Next thing I know, we’ve sold up and are renovating a new cottage!

While I write this, we’re week seven into the renovation and we’ve almost completed the bedrooms, lounge, WC and bathrooms (we’ve turned a bedroom into the main bathroom and the existing bathroom into an en suite). This first stage is designed to help us move in comfortably before next year’s extension plan. We’re currently living with my parents while we complete stage one.


Look Sharp

Before we exchanged on our new house I knew straight away we’d be installing the same Sharps wardrobes we had in our previous place (you can see our master bedroom here and Joshua’s nursery here). I love the quality, the flexibility of the interiors and how each can be built into the space you have – maximising space and generally keeping everything neat and tidy.

The layout of our new bedroom was slightly restricted, as we wanted to see the view through our back window. This meant our bed needed to be put on the chimney breast – and the only place we could put our new wardrobes, due to available wall space, was in the alcoves either side.

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