Blogger House Renovation: My Sharps Solution Part 2

Lifestyle blogger and new parent Jenny Lambert shares her renovation journey…

Lessons I’ve learned since renovating a cottage with a baby in tow:

  1. You can’t do everything yourself – even if you want to
  2. Evenings are your biggest opportunity to get things planned, researched and ordered
  3. If you can, bring in the experts for the things that are most important to you
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A Good Investment

Time isn’t something we have much of at the moment. During our previous renovation I remember spending our evenings and weekends completely absorbed in DIY and painting into the early hours. Now our son is on the scene, my husband and I don’t have the free time to be as hands-on as we’d usually be.

We frequently upcycle and bargain hunt if we feel we can get the same quality but at a cheaper price. We once purchased a cast iron Victorian bath for £30, re-enameled it and it felt brand new. But when it comes to clothes storage there’s nothing I’ve found on the high street or online that beats bespoke wardrobes. They optimise space, can be tailored to your clothing requirements, plus their high quality means you won’t be shopping for new ones in a few years.

This is one of those instances where we decided to treat ourselves to quality – investing in something we use every day. With this came the additional benefit of having everything taken care for us – one less worry.

We’d used Sharps in our previous home (see them here) and I knew straight away that we’d be opting for the Shaker units in ‘Stone’ colour again. The shade fits well with anyone who loves a neutral room scheme, while the insides are not only designed for you but they feel extremely well made.

All Coming Together

Installation of three Shaker wardrobes (2 x bedroom, 1 x nursery – see designs here) took three days in total. Otto our Sharps Installer fitted them extremely well – you could tell he takes a lot of pride in his work. He actually fitted our previous wardrobes, which he remembered-! A Sharps Field Installations Manager (Stephen) also arrived on day one to ensure Otto was clear on the designs and that we were 100% happy with the plans before commencing. Both were extremely polite and professional.

It was so exciting to pop into the cottage and see our wardrobes go up – it quickly started to feel like a home rather than a house.


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