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Part one: setting the scene

I’ve lived in Taunton on and off now for nearly twenty years and in that time there have been certain shops that have probably always been there, but which have passed under my radar. Then you buy a house and suddenly you start noticing things and thinking about things that you’ve never thought about before, like boiler insurance and bespoke shelving and built in wardrobes.

We have a Sharps showroom in our town centre, but all this time I honestly thought it was just one bed and a wardrobe, just casually in a shop window. Oh and sometimes balloons advertising special offers. When we knew we were buying this house, and that we were going to go from having big built in bedrooms cupboards to nothing, I decided to pop in to the Sharps showroom and my mind was blown. Turns out it isn’t just a bed and a wardrobe. That place goes back for miles. Okay, maybe not literally miles, but a long way. I smelt a nice juicy blog project…

Let’s back it up a bit first though. - let me set the scene in our bedroom so you can see what we have to play with. 

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It’s not a massive room – roughly 4m x 3m – but part of that is a fairly deep alcove, approximately 2 metres wide. 

We’ve been here for a about six weeks now, (although it feels like forever), and the alcove is currently filled by two chests of drawers. 

Now, you might think they fit quite nicely in the space, and so they do. We’d all be perfectly happy if it wasn’t for the fact that we have this monstrosity taking up the whole wall at the end of the bed. It makes me feel sad inside.

So, to Sharps we went....

To get to my side of the bed I have to shuffle myself between the rail of doom and the bed in a most undignified way. We also have suitcases full of shoes under the bed, along with Fiancé’s suits in bags. He will collapse with the stress of it all if they don’t get hung up soon.

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Part two: after installation

I have never been very good at keeping my clothes tidy. As a teenager my bedroom was so obscenely messy that I once trod on my guitar and didn’t realise until a few days later. Not any more. No more puddles of clothes on the floor or stacks of washing needing a home. Oh no. Because I have the wardrobe of dreams. (Otherwise known as my new built-in wardrobes from Sharps.)

I admit that I was nervous during the planning process. I’ve never had proper built in wardrobes before and I was worried that they might look a bit, I don’t know, tacky maybe? I’m not even sure that’s the right word, but hopefully you know what I mean. I think it was just that built in wardrobes felt like such a grown up thing to have – how could they be cool at the same time?? But oh my goodness they are so cool. (Or my definition of cool at least.)

You have to empty the room and take the carpets up before your fitter arrives. They don’t fit wardrobes on top of the carpet because they need a firm, sturdy surface. The space like this looks pretty small, but here it is with the wardrobes.

For starters, I want to say how totally 100% impressed I was with the quality of the fitting. You almost don’t notice, because it’s so good that they look like they have always been there, but when you actually look at how the fitter has shaped each individual edge to fit the walls and ceiling exactly, and then filled it all so neatly – it’s very impressive. He worked non-stop for an entire day and cleared everything up after himself. I really cannot say enough that’s positive about the fitting.

The ceiling is actually not straight, but the frame has been cut to perfectly fit it. Around the skirting boards as well, and in the corners, it’s just a dream. The wardrobes also come with a 12 year product guarantee, so you have peace of mind should anything go wrong.

I went for a mix of matt and gloss white glass. I wanted something that was going to be fairly neutral colour wise, and I didn’t want it to be full of mirrors or anything. I definitely do not need to see myself full on naked first thing in the morning. The strip of gloss glass is fairly reflective though, and I love that when you’re in bed you get a strip of the trees outside. That’s just about enough for me.

The doors and the drawers inside are soft close, which is a nice extra touch and means you’re not always have to slide the doors closed carefully. I can just get dressed, swoosh the door shut and saunter off in a sassy way.


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You can read the full part one blog or part two blog on Jo's Slummy Single Mummy website

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