Blogger Review of Our Design Process - Part One

Sharps have teamed up with Blogger Jo, creator of Slummy Single Mummy, to document the journey that our real customers go through when ordering a Sharps fitted bedroom! 


I’ve lived in Taunton on and off now for nearly twenty years and in that time there have been certain shops that have probably always been there, but which have passed under my radar.

And then you buy a house and suddenly you start noticing things and thinking about things that you’ve never thought about before, like boiler insurance and bespoke shelving and built in wardrobes.

We have a Sharps showroom in our town centre, but all this time I honestly thought it was just one bed and a wardrobe, just casually in a shop window. Oh and sometimes balloons advertising special offers.

When we knew we were buying this house, and that we were going to go from having big built in bedrooms cupboards to NOTHING, I decided to pop in to the Sharps showroom with Belle and my MIND WAS BLOWN. Turns out it isn’t just a bed and a wardrobe. That place goes back for MILES. Okay, maybe not literally miles, but a long way. I smelt a nice juicy blog project…

Let’s back it up a bit first though.

Let me set the scene in our bedroom so you can see what we have to play with.

It’s not a massive room – roughly 4m x 3m – but part of that is a fairly deep alcove, approximately 2 metres wide. I was VERY proud of myself remembering to take a photo of the empty space before we moved in.

We’ve been here for a about six weeks now, (although it feels like forever),and the alcove is currently filled by two chests of drawers. Don’t even ASK where these are going to go when we have the built in wardrobes or I MAY have a small breakdown.

Now, you might think they fit quite nicely in the space, and so they do. We’d all be perfectly happy if it wasn’t for the fact that we have this monstrosity taking up the whole wall at the end of the bed.

It makes me feel sad inside.

I feel like at 39 I shouldn’t ever have to have my clothes on a rail.

(Belle put lights on it, bless her, to try and make it less soul destroying for me, but to be honest they just make it worse because the hangers get tangled in them.)

To get to my side of the bed I have to shuffle myself between the rail of doom and the bed in a most undignified way. We also have suitcases full of shoes under the bed, along with Fiancé’s suits in bags. He will collapse with the stress of it all if they don’t get hung up soon.

So, to Sharps we went....


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