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Relax, unwind and get lost in a story


There’s nothing like leaving the screen behind.


BOOKCASE SET 3 1887 2280px

Create the ultimate space for getting cosy with a good book. When you meet your Sharps designer, they’ll help you create your very own cosy nooks to revisit old favourites, show off timeless classics and exhibit great cover designs, all with functional storage to maximise your space.

BOOKCASE SET 3 1632 2280px
Shaker in Stone
BOOKCASE SET 3 2011 2280px
Shaker in Stone
BOOKCASE SET 3 1713 2280px
Sherbourne in Stone
BOOKCASE SET 3 2030 2280px
BOOKCASE SET 3 2104 2280px
BOOKCASE SET 3 1642 2280px
BOOKCASE SET 3 1680 2280px
BOOKCASE SET 3 1687 2280px
BOOKCASE SET 3 2153 2280px
BOOKCASE SET 3 2168 2280px

Tech made for Home Working

Forget the sea of cables and bulky extensions and discover seamless technology.

Customise your handles

Add the finishing touch to your space with a diverse range of colours and styles.