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The Sharps mission...

The customer

Help customers to find space that they didn’t even know that they had with an end result that delights them

The company

Proud to be fitted bedroom & home office experts, recognised as a leader in our field for service and an outstanding product

The people

Help every employee to develop and grow to their full potential

Our heritage

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Find out more about how the founder of Sharps had a vision to produce amazing products and services, a vision which can still be seen throughout Sharps today 

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Careers at Sharps

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Want to join a forward thinking and successful company that sees continuous growth each year? Sharps Bedrooms is the UK’s market leader in fitted bedrooms and home offices and we’re looking for amazing people to join our Sharps family. Find out more about the current vacancies available...

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You can also view our Gender EqualityModern Slavery and Environmental, Social & Governance policies and procedures