Children’s Bedrooms – Part 1

Sharps' FlexispaceThere are two things we can guarantee about our children:

  1. They have a lot of things
  2. They will accumulate more things as they grow up

However, this does not mean their belongings need to be strewn across the floor or stuffed unlovingly into drawers or boxes.

With Sharps’ Flexispace, your child’s clothes, toys and other bits and pieces can all be stored and displayed beautifully leaving plenty of other space in their bedroom for tea parties, building dens and other important activities our little ones spend their time doing.

Flexispace is ideal for arranging your child’s clothes and toys so that it is not only easy to hunt out the perfect outfit, but it looks simply beautiful as well. It can be easily adapted too, so as your child grows, and so do their clothes, Flexispace will make sure everything can still be kept easily to hand.

Aside from storage there are other nice touches you can add to your child’s bedroom to ensure they are residing in the most stylish space around. For example why not keep the wall colours neutral and add some colour in accessories? Your child’s favourite colour is bound to change as they get older so this way they can stay in trend without the need for a whole redecorate every couple of years.

Here are a few other pieces we love that can be incorporated into your child’s bedroom and grow with them.

Bookcase – a fun bookcase will make sure your child’s books are on displayed neatly, and safe from damage.

Height Chart – this is something that will truly grow with your child! You can buy adhesive ones that peel off the wall, or free standing ones. Here are some of our favourites.

Memo Board – a pretty memo board can be used to document your child’s life, displaying letters, photos, certificates, pictures and anything else that takes their fancy. If you can’t find one you like in the shops, why not make your own?

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