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Create A Chic, Timeless Look With Hannah Cork

Hannah Cork is an Interior Stylist for commercial shoots, incorporating stills and moving image. Her work, known for its strong lifestyle edge, can be seen across look books, brochures, brand campaigns, online adverts and press events.

Hannah styled the most recent photo shoot for Sharps and explains how she created the chic, timeless & elegant look.

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create a neptune style bedroom with hannah cork 76261

What was your aim when designing this room?

I wanted to create a really grown up, beautiful sumptuous bedroom that felt an absolute treat to be in. I was inspired by dark dusky colour palettes with lots of texture. Think boutique hotels and Soho House bedrooms. Timeless and utterly beautiful. 

How did you incorporate the wardrobes?

The unusual shape and layout of the room gave plenty of breathing space for the wardrobes themselves, and a separate area for the bed. The floating wall is a stylish feature with a hotel vibe which frames and makes a focal point of the bed. The rug then creates a platform and layers it up.

I was excited to style a room with the wardrobes on the L Shape as it helps breaks them up whilst following the architectural lines of the room.

timeless chic bedroom by hannah cork

How did you choose the paint?

I wanted a dark muted palette of muted blues, teals and greens. Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball was perfect for this. I find a rich colour often seems even darker when on all the walls, so pick a shade lighter to achieve the right level. I used dark grey and black accents throughout to give the room an edge.

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What styling elements were key?

The bed is key. Lots of textured layers in gorgeous linens, velvet and wool. Soak & Sleep’s charcoal linen bedsheets are perfect for this look and such a treat to sleep in! I like the headboard to take centre stage in any bedroom so am not keen on hanging artwork directly above it. Instead, positioning artwork either side, above the bedside lamps can look very elegant. It creates a small still life with a strong composition.

The sculptural suspension ceiling light from Graham and Green is an unexpected feature from a different period, which gives the room an edge. It’s architectural feel almost doubles up as art! This really adds something special to the room.

Can you give any tips for achieving this vibe?

As I'm always telling my clients, mix your materials. A worn rug, marble bedside lights, a reclaimed parquet floor - all add to the depth and layered texture of the room.

The floor to ceiling curtains add a grown up, luxurious hotel vibe. Buy long curtains and hang them to the ceiling, even if they sit higher than the window. It gives the appearance of a higher ceiling which is really luxurious. Make sure they hit the floor though; short curtains never look nice!

Hannah Cork - Interior Stylist




Represented by HERS Agency

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