Whether you have recently renovated your loft space, or it has been a dormant area waiting to unleash its potential for many years, introducing the natural simplicity of Nordic style will create a functional yet appealing bedroom that you will look forward to spending time in.


Soft, light hues and pale greys epitomise this style, creating a clean, pared back look that emits a sense of calm and serenity. Tying into the Hygge trend, accessorise with neutral layered throws and fur fabrics, which will add texture and create a feeling of warmth whilst maintaining simplicity.


To create further interest to the room, hang pictures with plain frames, which will provide a subtle focal point without detracting from the simplicity of the overall scheme. Black and white prints work well, as they will perfectly blend into any scheme and allow you to accessorise with coloured accents around the rest of the room.


A clear, clutter-free look is the key to creating a space that feels open and inviting, so it’s important to invest in well-designed storage to hide away any belongings that don’t need to be on display. With a light driftwood finish and neutral tones, our new Element range of bedroom furniture can help create tranquillity whilst providing a truly bespoke wardrobe design that fits even the most awkward ceilings and walls – but works equally well in a perfectly square room, as the fitted wardrobes are created around you and your space.


Our latest range of fitted bedroom furniture also features clever top boxes that make the most of storage space right up to the ceiling, allowing you to utilise every last inch of space. On top of this, touch-catch doors allow easy access to your tidy belongings, with the clean lines creating a truly simple design that will suit any décor.

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