John's Story

The Brief

When John Mosforth and his partner, David, and their pet Puggle (a pug crossed with a beagle!) moved into their modern 3-storey town house, they didn’t own any furniture at all, having previously been living in furnished accommodation. After buying the necessary sofas, dining table, beds, etc. they were ready to tackle the problem of storage in their master bedroom.

Situated on the top storey of their property and spanning the entire floor, the room, although large, had lots of sloping ceilings and only one straight, flat wall - the only place the bed could be positioned.

John Mosforth

John Mosforth
Aged 32
Call Centre Manager

Job Summary

  • Lots of sloping ceilings
  • Only one flat wall
  • Severe back slope
There was only one space in the room that was suitable to create a wardrobe big enough for the couple's possessions, but it had a sloping floor and a severe backslope At Sharps
Before Image
We couldn’t even purchase some cheap temporary freestanding wardrobes as they wouldn’t have fitted under any of the slopes. If we had put them on the one straight wall, there wouldn’t have been anywhere for the bed to go. John Mosforth

The Solution

John and David always liked the idea of fitted furniture, particularly sliding doors over traditional doors because they felt a slick, streamlined look suited them best. The couple contacted Sharps to find out if they could use this space to their advantage and create their ideal storage solution.Their Sharps designer showed them hundreds of configurations, helping them to choose a three door, two-piece design in black, incorporating a large mirror on one door as there was no wall space for one elsewhere.

After Image
After Image
  • They chose a three door, two-piece design in black glass
  • A mirror incorporated into the design, on the middle door, Due to so many sloping ceilings in the room, there was no space for a wall hung mirror.
After Image

How we did it

Keen to maximise and optimise all available space, their designer also suggested having rails and drawers set at the front of the area, leaving a sizeable storage zone behind, ideal for little-used items like suitcases and duvets. Cleverly, the design does not include a floor or drawers behind the centre door, instead there’s a carpeted area, which enables walk-in access to the ‘secret’ storage area behind. John and David’s fitter was also able to perfectly install a ‘box section’ to create a level floor.


How we did it
How we did it
  • We positioned rails and drawers to the front of the space, creating a storage area behind it
  • We created a walk-in space behind the centre doors, giving access to the rear
  • the couple chose hanging rails over internal drawer units to house all of their possessions.
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