Creating a Truly Personalised Bedroom Design

Bedroom redesign

From time-to-time the rooms in our home can start to look dated, unloved or simply in need of a little attention. If you’ve reached that point and come to the conclusion that you need to spend some time and money redesigning, redecorating and reorganising your room, then you’ve probably already given some thought to how you would like your room to look. If you’re going to go through the trouble of a redesign, then you’ll want to add your own personal touches and create a design that’s unique to you – at least as far as possible.

When redesigning our bedrooms we tend to look to others for inspiration – whether it’s friends and family, magazines or home improvement magazines. Today, with the wonderful world of modern technology and an ever accessible World Wide Web, people have even turned to sites like Pinterest for bedroom design inspiration, where users can create ‘boards’ of all the best things they’d like to have in their bedroom. From curtains to lighting, beds and bedding, right through to the type, style and finish of wardrobes. This sort of visual collage is a great way of getting a rough idea of what your bedroom might look like. But while these types of sites can give you an idea of the potential of your bedroom design, nothing beats having your room professionally measured and your bedroom furniture being built specifically for your needs, taste and style.

With off-the-shelf style flat-pack wardrobes and bedroom furniture you’ll never achieve the unique design you’re hoping for. Your bedroom might be special, but it won’t be unique. With your own decoration and décor style you’ll certainly be able to add your own personal touches, but nothing beats a bedroom built specifically for you.

The Bedroom Furniture Options

Generally speaking, when you’re buying bedroom furniture, you’ll be choosing from a range of standard and traditional free-standing furniture from your local home furniture store. This sort of bedroom furniture is built to a standard size, shape, colour and design. Whatever you buy, you’ll get the same wardrobe and drawers as the next customer who comes into the shop to make a purchase.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having the same bedroom furniture as someone else. It’s not like accidentally turning up to an evening party wearing the same dress. You won’t have to throw out all your furniture just because your friend has exactly the same set.

It’s also fine if you want to buy cheap and cheerful and aren’t really concerned with how your bedroom looks. But if you’re trying to create a striking bedroom design – something that really stands out as unique and special – then you’ll want to invest in something custom made just for you.

Ticking the Right Boxes

Beyond style and design, one of the main problems with traditional bedroom furniture is you have to work out how to fit it into your room and around your life, not the other way around.

Standard furniture is often bulky, awkward and takes up unnecessary amounts of space in your room. You’ll have to work out how best to position it in your room so you can still get in and out of there comfortably and have room to move around your bed and other furniture pieces. Many people find they then can’t have the room how they’d like it.

The other issue with standard bedroom furniture is the lack of space – you might find you don’t have the storage room for all your items or to get things just the way you want them.

Bespoke bedroom furniture, on the other hand, is designed around you and your needs. Measured, designed and built around your bedroom space, storage requirements and sense of style, it can more easily help you create a unique bedroom design that you’ll love.

Choose from a range of finishing touches including handles, finishes, mirrors and internal storage options to create an even more unique design built just for you.

Every single design element you include in your bedroom design will help you create a bedroom that stands apart from your friends, family and neighbours’ rooms.

The Little Differences

With just a few other tweaks, customisations and additions, you can transform your bedroom even further – personalising it to your heart’s content:

  • The Bed – really, every bedroom design should start with the bed and work outwards. After all, the bed is the most important feature in the room; it’s what the room is named after! It’s where you’ll rest your weary head and it’s where you’ll spend many hours in your lifetime. So think about your bed preferences. Do you prefer a large bed with plenty of room to toss and turn, or would you rather have a smaller bed that feels cosy and gives you plenty of freedom to move around your room?
  • Other Bedroom Furniturefrom wardrobes to chests of drawers, bedside tables to vanity tables, every little piece of bedroom furniture you add can make your room stand out from the crowd. With custom made furniture, this level of customisation is even more unique.
  • Handlesa small piece of the larger puzzle, but an important part of the process is choosing the handles and knobs for your furniture. It’s surprising what a difference something so small can make to the overall design of your bedroom. Especially if you choose something bold and attractive. Even the smallest items can make a world of difference to your design.
  • Lightinglighting can make a big difference to the ambience of your bedroom. From mood lighting to task lighting, spot lights and general bedroom lighting – there’s plenty to choose from and you can really create a great looking bedroom with the right light placement and use.
  • Mirrorswe all know that mirrors can transform a room – reflecting light and enhancing the look and feel of a bedroom making it feel bigger than it actually is. But with such a wide range of styles from which to choose, from vanity mirrors to wall mirrors and wardrobe mirrors, there’s plenty of ways to create a great looking room based on your own taste.
  • Window furnishing – custom curtains, blinds, voiles, and even traditional wooden shutters – there’s plenty of options to choose from to suit your needs in terms of design style and lighting. Pick something to complement or contrast your design for the most unique results.
  • Headboardsas I said earlier the bed is the main focal point of the room, so the headboard is also a focus point as a result. An upholstered, bespoke or uniquely designed headboard will help complement the bed and make it stand out even more.
  • Seatingthe addition of a simple bean bag, a comfortable chair or a recliner can make a big difference to your room. Create a reading corner, a relaxing nook or just somewhere to sit down and take in the luxury of your new room. Another unique feature made by and for you.

The key thing to remember is that designing your bedroom isn’t about being different from everyone else – it’s about creating a room you’re happy to call your own.

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