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Don't Let Clutter Cramp Your Style

Sleek bed bridge storage from Sharps in Cosmopolitan 300x224
Flexispace 209x300

A recent study* revealed that clutter in children’s bedrooms can reduce home values by up to £8000. Not only does clutter in the bedroom have financial implications, but it can also make the homeowner feel stressed and impact on sleeping patterns.

Regardless of whether clutter is taking over your bedroom, or your child’s space, Sharps have all the perfect solution. Specialists in fitted bedroom furniture, Sharps Bedrooms make sure every millimetre of your room is utilised to the maximum. With their specialised tailored design service Sharps make sure all of your bits and bobs have a home, meaning there is no excuse for clutter.

If you have to store lots of ‘stuff’ in your bedroom the ideal fitted furniture solution is the new contemporary bed bridge from Sharps, which is both stylish and chic. This innovative storage solution is a modern revamp on a staple bedroom item. However this new design is now flush with the wardrobe, rather than overhead which maximises the space in the room. The discreet touch close doors also help to minimise the presence of additional storage space, making the room a calming and relaxing environment.

In a child’s bedroom it is important there is an adequate space to store their masses of clothes, toys and childhood paraphernalia to minimise clutter. Sharps Flexispace range is the perfect solution for a child’s room as it can grow with your youngster, ensuring they always have the right storage space. Wardrobe storage can easily transform from triple hanging for babies to double hanging, for growing teens even the slide out shoe rack expands with the child – so there is no reason for stray shoes or clothes to be left lying around.

The other brilliant feature of the Flexispace is the ample amounts of shelf space so your child can put all their toys away neatly. Also as the space is reachable for little ones they can get into the habit of putting it away themselves.

With Sharps Bedrooms on hand there really is no reason to let clutter be a burden in your day to day activities. To discover which Sharps range could help you de-clutter your bedroom space, visit or alternatively request the latest brochure, or arrange a free design visit, by calling 0800 9178 178.

*Survey by ING Direct, 23rd August 2012

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