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Create your own Home Working space




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We’re spending more time at home than ever before. Our space needs to feel like our sanctuary, a comfortable, clutter-free place to relax and unwind. But between working at the dining table, mountains of clutter, and less space to ourselves, we may not feel completely at home. 


That’s where the Sharps Home Collection comes in. We create elegant, stylish and quality fitted furniture, helping you create a beautifully organised home with areas designed for work, storage and living. Made to measure, made to last, in whatever style you choose.
Take a look at our video to discover what the Home Collection by Sharps has to offer.

A dedicated study


Working from home can make it hard to focus. Kids pestering, cleaning looming, TV remote so close to hand. Creating a place that’s removed from the main living areas means you can truly concentrate on your business tasks - then close the door on them at the end of the day.

Visit our Dedicated Studies page

Understairs workspaces

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Sometimes an office isn’t a dedicated room, it’s the spaces in between. Once completely wasted or confused, under the stairs can be easily transformed into an inspiring working space. Tucked away, it’s a great place to get your head down and focus.

Visit our Understairs Workspaces page

Open Plan Spaces

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Open plan living can often result in awkwardly placed freestanding furniture, creating a makeshift workspace that is less than ideal. Our dual workspaces create a dedicated, multifunctional space for business tasks, weekend admin and homework help, to ensure you feel at home, at work.

Visit our Open Plan Spaces page

Bedroom desks

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Naturally the most zen room of the house, bedrooms are the perfect place for an office desk. And, with our clever storage, come 5pm you can easily switch off by storing your laptop or paperwork away in your wardrobe.

Visit our Bedroom Desks page

The Sharps Experience


Creating your dream bedroom is simple with Sharps. We take care of you every step of the way, inspiring, advising, designing and working with you to create beautifully stylish bespoke fitted wardrobes you’ll adore.

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free home design

Your Design Consultant will bring samples, create a hand drawn illustration showing how to maximise space, help you choose the best interior storage options, and provide a quote.

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technical survey

Once you’ve placed your order, our Technical Surveyor will visit your home to check all aspects of your order. During their visit, they’ll produce a final Technical CAD pack which will provide the final specification for both our factory and your Installer.

Manufacture icon

uk manufacture

Your order will be tailormade at our state-of-the art facility in the West Midlands, from quality raw materials, cut to fit the unique contours of your room.

Delivery icon

easy delivery

Our delivery team will drop off all raw materials in advance of your installation, ensuring your Installer has everything they need when they arrive at your property.

Installation icon

professional installation

Our highly skilled Installer will expertly cut the furniture into your room, scribing around the contours of your walls and ceilings to create a perfect and seamless fit.

Peace of Mind icon

guAranteed peace of mind

We’re so confident in the quality of our fitted wardrobes, furniture and personalised storage solutions, we’ll give you a full 12-year product and installation guarantee.