How to Decorate a Nursery

Lifestyle blogger and new mum Jenny Lambert, shares her top tips for styling a nursery…

When you’re pregnant, you’re told a long list of things you CAN'T do. Don’t eat soft cheese, don’t go in a hot tub, don’t overdo the caffeine... However, decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the things you CAN do in the run-up and I loved every minute of it. (It was also a welcome distraction from the mood swings and waddling...)

This how-to is more for inspiration – there’s no right or wrong way to decorate a nursery. But hopefully you’ll find some handy tips below, which I learnt along the way. Everyone’s taste is different and what works for some rooms and parents, might not for others. My main advice is to have fun! Children don’t grow up thinking ‘my chair really matched my wall colour’ – they remember the bright, wacky, colourful aspects that captured their imagination. Bear this in mind and you can’t go wrong.

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Tip 1: Versatility

Create a room that grows with your baby.


I love grey walls as they always look fresh in the daytime but cosy at night – just what you want in a nursery. We opted for Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray and used artwork and accessories to inject colour into the room. This is a particularly useful approach if you want to prepare your nursery but aren’t finding out whether you’re having a boy or girl. Grey makes the fun things POP.


Babies and children have a lot of stuff! We opted for a Sharps Henley wardrobe, as we loved the style and the amount of extra storage space you get inside with a fitted wardrobe (rather than popping everything on the top in full view). We also felt this was a better investment than a children’s wardrobe, which they’ll quickly outgrow. We went for a mix of hanging space and shelves, dividing types of clothing and toys into storage boxes. We also added a temporary pole to double up the hanging space as babies clothes are so small, which we’ll remove when our son grows up. We opted for Sharps ‘Stone’ shade as it subtly blended with the grey walls so didn’t impose on the room too much.

I’d also recommend investing in a changing table that has a detachable changing area – so once your baby has outgrown it, it becomes a regular chest of drawers.

We also mixed up our nursery shelving to keep things fun, rather than too matchy matchy. We upcycled a scaffold board to store precious items up high, apple crates to display toys and books, ‘secret’ shelves behind the door to store spare nappies etc and an IKEA picture rail near the changing station for easy-to-grab essentials e.g. nappy cream, hand foam and tissues. 

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