How To Decorate a Toddler’s Room

Lifestyle blogger Jenny Lambert shares her tips on how to transform a nursery into a toddler’s room…

Our son (J) has just turned one and I can’t believe how much he’s changed in just 12 months – both physically and mentally. Once a delicate baby who couldn’t tell night from day, who would cosy-up on me in his sling and grip my little finger with his whole hand, he has now developed into this ball of excitable energy with the biggest thirst for life – to touch, chew, babble and explore where no toddler has gone before.

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J is now interested in everything. He wants to know how things work, feel different textures, marvel at lights and sounds, flick through books and chew everything he can get his hands on. As a result, his room has had to develop with him. What was once a nursery for nappy changes and night feeds quickly became a space for playing, reading, dancing and discovery.

Here are my top five tips for tweaking your baby’s nursery to be more in tune with your toddler:

1. Toys It’s all about storage when it comes to toys: easy access and quick to put away! I like to use soft baskets so J can pull his toys out safely and I can easily throw them back in afterwards. I place his more precious items on shelves and on top of his chest of drawers so he can see but not grab! He needs to learn to be gentle so I don’t want to hide anything away, but monitor him with his music boxes etc. until he’s old enough to look after them. HomeSense is an Aladdin’s cave for storage baskets.

2. Books Pop a book ledge on the wall for your toddler to reach so they can pick out their favourite stories. I’d recommend limiting your books at this level to board books as J isn’t quite paper-friendly yet-! If you have a chair in your room try and situate the ledge near to it so you can easily select one if your toddler is on your lap ready for story time. Try and pop a table / chest of drawers near this area too so you can place a lamp on top for extra reading light (a floor lamp is another good option). Lamps are perfect for bedtime stories as they dim down the room and help begin the cosy wind down before bed. I love these ledges from the Great Little Trading Co.

3. Showstoppers We introduced some extra features so J can explore beyond his baskets. His grandparents treated him to a teepee, which we filled with a colourful, textured felt ball rug and playful pillows. He loves playing peekaboo in it at the moment! We added some cotton ball lights but placed them completely out of reach and always monitor him with them due to the wire and electrical supply. (If he gets too interested I’ll likely pack them away for another year.) I also added a ‘Josh’s Little Man Cave’ sign to the front (available on Etsy). J’s other granny treated him to a rocking lamb, which he also adores. It’s nice to have a few features to keep him entertained, especially towards the end of a full-on day when you’re running out of things to amuse him with-!

Colourful items on the walls (e.g. an animal alphabet print),toys hanging from shelves (cuddly monkeys are great for this!),mobiles, wall stickers and stained glass sun-catchers also create a super sensory room.

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