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Loft conversions are a great way to create more space in your house without the hefty price tag of building an extension. However, creating more living space doesn’t necessarily mean you are creating more storage. In-fact, it can be the opposite. 

A popular reason for a loft conversion is to get an extra bedroom. But, unless you’re living in an ultra-modern, Grand Designs-esque square home, you’re likely to have sloped ceilings. A lot of the time that eaves space is being written off or wasted with storage solutions that don’t fit, and it’s difficult to find loft storage ideas that are actually useful and practical. 

Finding extra clothes storage space in an ordinary bedroom is difficult enough and you can only have so many under the bed boxes. Imagine the difficulty of finding sloped clothing storage that looks stylish and gives you every storage solution you need, in exactly the space you have. Well, Sharps are here to help with some loft conversion storage ideas.

1. Fitted Wardrobe

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Typically, loft rooms are not that spacious because of the precious inches stolen by sloping ceilings, and the eaves they leave behind. This makes clothes storage difficult for loft rooms. Typical freestanding wardrobes don’t usually have angled tops and the alternatives are wardrobes that are either too tall to sit in the eaves or are short but with wasted space above them.


Don’t fear. You haven’t been sentenced to under bed storage, low height wardrobes or ill-fitting chests of drawers just yet. Sharps fitted wardrobes for sloping ceilings are custom-made to your exact measurements and your design consultant will help to customise your new storage solution with features to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. 


Our fitted wardrobes come in a variety of styles, with a variety of handles and doorknobs and can run wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, making the most of every millimetre of space in your hard-earned loft room.

2. Angled chest of drawers

Loft spaces are usually built with the intention of storage rather than functional living spaces and so are overlooked with regards to what angles would be best for conventional storage solutions.  Because of this, you end up with all sorts of shapes and angles that are easy to write off as dead space, but they needn’t be.

Sharps can build you custom chests of drawers to transform those awkward loft spaces into valuable storage solutions. Never again will you overlook where your chimney breast meets the eaves of your house or settle for those storage boxes that don’t fit your space and disrupt the style of your home. Sharps fitted chests of drawers are built around your space to make the most of every millimetre and help to transform your new loft room into a stylish and valuable addition to your house.

3. Eaves Storage

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Here at Sharps, we recognise that maximising storage in your loft is more difficult than it needs to be. Freestanding sloping storage meets a basic requirement but can you guarantee it will fit your angles perfectly, span wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling and have custom storage solutions that perfectly cater for your lifestyle and requirements? Unfortunately not, or you’ll spend a lifetime trying to find them.


Sharps can measure the exact space you have to work with and collaboratively design an under eaves fitted wardrobe solution that will transform your loft space. Our eaves storage designs are stylish and carefully thought out to ensure that your awkward space becomes the stylish storage solution you always hoped for.

4. Sliding door wardrobes

Regardless of the size of your new loft bedroom, more storage space is always a bonus. Who wants to convert their loft to add a room to their house and then take up all the new space with storage that doesn’t really fit? 

Sharps floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes can be put in any room in the house and for those that love modernism, that are looking for loft bedroom ideas or those who simply want to maximise their space, our sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution.

Sharps fitted sliding door wardrobes will create valuable storage in a room where you’ve taken it away. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t use standard sliding door sizes. We measure rooms to calculate the exact height and width of each section of the door, for a bespoke size to fit your space perfectly.