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Often associated with love and romance, pink has been a familiar favourite around the home for centuries due to its bright and cheerful tone. When paired with a neutral colour like grey, you can create the perfect modern combination that will give your bedroom an air of sophistication. However, there are a myriad of options when it comes to choosing the right shade and also what to pair it with.

Whether you prefer making a statement or keeping things subtle, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to pair pink and grey in your bedroom.

Go For Mellow Shades

Copper and Blush (Desktop)

Opting for a pink theme in your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to commit to a full-blown princess party. There are many gorgeous paint shades that are more muted and have a hint of pink instead of being overwhelming. Go for pink paint that has a grey or beige undertone, such as blush pink, to inspire a more mature feel and add in grey or even some white accents with your accessories.

Choose A Main Colour

Modern Fusion

You don’t have to mix pink and grey entirely to achieve the look - try a split of 70/30 with your main colour being the main focal point while adding small decorative pieces of your second colour. A muted grey bedroom with pops of brighter pink can draw the eye and allows you to choose striking statement pieces. Our “dove grey” wardrobes would be the perfect base to allow more vibrant accessories to pop. 

Compliment With Accessories

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As well as focusing on colour matches, introduce different textures to add dimension to your bedroom space. Try knitted grey or pink throws and rugs to easily change up your theme, without having to repaint the whole room. Layer pink and grey throw pillows of varying materials for a vintage, classic take on the modern trend. Wall art is another way to add different colours to your room without spending too much.

Go Bold

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Don’t be afraid of choosing bright shades like fuschia or bubblegum pink - with the right accessories, you can create a modern bedroom that will catch anyone's attention. With vibrantly painted walls, you want to stick to neutral tones elsewhere to avoid your room looking too busy. Try light grey bedding mixed with white cushions to break up the space and keep the focus on your statement walls. 

Incorporate Wood

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To avoid your room feeling too flat, enhance greys and pinks by adding wood furniture and accessories. The earthy tones perfectly complement your duo-tone theme and can add a homely feel to your bedroom. Stick to more neutral brown woods like our “light oak” range rather than red-toned materials to avoid clashing with the grey. 

Add Pops of Colour


When opting for a pink and grey colour scheme, be brave and introduce another bright colour to really pop against the earthy tones. Go for a deep teal or navy to add dimension and really push your interior design boundaries to create that show-home feel in your own house. Add a bright footstool or ottoman as a great way to inject some vibrancy to your room and add depth. 

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