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Claire’s space was a joy to design! With the recent conversion of her master bedroom she gained extra space in the loft area. We helped take this awkwardly shaped room to another level, transforming it into a beautiful dressing area with wall to wall storage.

I had a shoe rack installed in one of ‘my’ wardrobes, which is great! The mix of using all the interiors has worked really well.


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How did you come to choose Sharps?

We chose Sharps because we saw them advertised on TV, and I had previously heard good reports from a colleague who had used them. I have had fitted wardrobes once before but they were already installed so I hadn’t gone through the process of choosing them.


Why did you decide to get fitted wardrobes in your home?

We had an extension to our upstairs which created a large master bedroom together with a balcony, we felt that freestanding wardrobes wouldn’t do the room justice nor work with the awkward alcove space we had available so a fitted option would benefit us. The fitter worked
tirelessly for nearly a week and the finish is great – and now you wouldn’t know that there was an awkward space to start with.

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How was your design appointment?

Detailed! Lots of options, which is always great. We actually had a second design appointment as we wanted to think about everything and not make any incorrect decisions. I really benefited from seeing real life designs in the different colours and wardrobe styles, as it can be hard to visualise.


How was the fitting and the rest of the process?

It was seamless. The furniture arrived one day, and a few days later the fitter started. He was lovely, worked unbelievably hard, and had the job done on the day it was expected. We did have some slight cracking in the filler round one of the edges which we were warned
might happen, and somebody came to resolve that the week after.

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With its clean lines and simplistic design, Manhattan is a beautifully versatile range that can be the inspiration for very different interior design themes you can make your own. 

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