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Vanessa had a unique request for wardrobes that would double as a feature entrance way to her dressing room. Knowing that freestanding wardrobes wouldn't be able to do this, a Sharps bespoke design was the perfect solution for creating this feature.

My design experience was a breeze!


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How did you come to choose Sharps?

I was a previous customer of Sharps. I had my previous wardrobes installed many years ago and was happy with the experience. 


Why did you decide to get fitted wardrobes in your home?

Sharps wardrobes look professional and they make it easy to hide awkward spaces. 


Were there any awkward spaces that you needed to fit around?

I wanted the wardrobes to create an entrance to my dressing room and knew that freestanding wardrobes wouldn't fulfill that image. Using Sharps wardrobes to design this feature fulfilled my wish completely. 

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How was your design appointment?

My design experience was a breeze! We were mid-building renovations so the designer had to come into a building site. However, she remained professional, gave us suggestions, saw our vision and gave us the opportunity to be creative. 


How did you find the fitting process?

The process was great. All of the materials and work equiptment needed to complete the job remained in the room. There was no mess in other areas of the house and the fitter was very professional. He even kept me updated on how he was getting on which helped to make it a good experience.  


Why did you choose Sherbourne in White and the handles?

I love the period look the Sherbourne range provides, it's classic with clean lines. I wanted to also add a vintage look to the wardrobes so decided on the glass handles. This created a classic look and design, which completes the look of the bedroom with a glamorous touch!

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4   White

Available in: White, Dove Grey, Stone Grey, Slate Grey, Cream, Maple, Oak and Walnut


An elegant design that that works perfectly in a property with character and period features. The Sherbourne range is gracefully designed to bring charm and elegance to any room. In can paticularly complement period features such as alcoves, sculptured skirting, coving or panelling. 

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