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Opting for a blue colour scheme for your bedroom has been a popular choice in recent years, with “Classic Blue” being named Pantone’s ‘Colour Of The Year’ in 2020 - and it shows no sign of stopping. While lighter blues can open up a space and bring serenity to your bedroom, darker blues can create an air of opulence and regency. With so many options when it comes to colour pairing, the opportunities are endless and are sure to turn any room from plain to remarkable. 

Sharps is here to help with any and all bedroom design ideas, with blue being no exception. To help you decide on what scheme would suit your space, here are a few blue bedroom ideas that will undoubtedly catch your attention. 

Sophisticated dark blues

Sliding Doors 1

If you are keen on making a statement of regality, then a deep blue bedroom is definitely the right choice. Moody yet cosy, dark blue is a fan favourite, mainly due to the way in which it works so perfectly with popular metals like silver and gold. It's best to avoid colour matches that would get lost against dark blue, such as green or purples, so we recommend opting for more contrasting shades such as yellow, light pinks or even light grey.


Dark blue bedrooms also work beautifully with vintage furniture, adding a cigar lounge feel that will be sure to inspire feelings of relaxation and comfort. Our sliding glass door collection comes in a steel blue finish and could be a great start to adding darker blues into your space. 

Mix and match pastels


Why stick to one shade of blue when you can have them all? Mixing and matching is a great way to add dimension to your bedroom without it looking cluttered. Pastel blues of varying shades create depth, while still maintaining that calming feeling that makes blue such a popular choice.


In having such a light colour base, almost anything will match well, including other lighter pastel colours. We love the idea of accessorising your pastel blue bedroom with baby pinks and light yellows to add a fun, playful feel. Everyday will feel bright and cheerful with pastel combinations and is a definite choice for if you prefer lighter, airier spaces but don’t want your room to feel plain. 

Channel the ocean


If we can’t be by the sea, we might as well bring the sea to us! Nautical bedroom themes have always been a popular choice, as so many of us find the beach to be a place of happiness and tranquility. Combine fun with sophistication by choosing turquoise tones paired with white to emulate the sand and sea.


There are lots of ways to accessorise your turquoise bedroom to continue on with the oceanic themes. Ornamental shells are a great addition to any bare space - be it on a shelf or on your bedside table. Sandy colours are also a great addition and can be added with wicker baskets, rattan wall art or even pampas grass. White linen bed sheets would also give a light, fresh feel that would be perfect for any bedroom. 

Calming light blues

Corner Wardrobe (4)

If you are keen on brightening up a space, a light blue bedroom is definitely the choice for you. Not only is it a good option for smaller rooms, it’s also perfect for if your bedroom has limited natural light. The way in which a light blue imitates the sky can give a calming and natural effect, making it a perfect choice for the room where you need to feel the most relaxed.


The neutrality of it means choosing accessories couldn’t be easier, as almost any colour will go beautifully. We recommend pairing with lighter shades to continue the serene feel, like white or light browns. If you did want to add a splash of colour, bright green plants look wonderful against a light blue background and will give your bedroom an outside vibe that will bring you back to nature. 

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