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In the average bustling home, ample storage space is a novelty. Finding storage solutions that are practical and good-looking is a whole nother battle. However many homes have opportunities for storage space that just aren’t used to their full potential. Under the stairs is one such storage space.

The under stairs is greatly under-rated in terms of the contribution it can make to your home, with regards to space and style. Your under stairs is likely an area that you pass many times in a day, yet your most valuable storage space is deemed to be hidden away in a room.

From under-stairs cupboards where possessions are piled up on the floor to chests of drawers that leave wasted space around the top, back and sides. Under the stairs is wasted space in many homes, and there are so many storage solutions to choose from!

Sharps recognise the need for beautiful and practical storage solutions in your home and so we present our choice of under the stairs storage ideas:

1. Small home office under the stairs

Understairs Office

Yes, not all storage solutions are about storage! Converting your under stairs space to a small desk space frees up that small bedroom you’ve been using or gives you a facility you didn’t have before. 


A small home office under your stairs can be built with a fitted desk and shelving, and depending on your choice of office chair, doesn’t have to intrude on your hallway whatsoever. 

2. Under stairs pantry

If your under stairs is anywhere near your kitchen, convert that wasted space into an under stairs pantry. Clean and modern pigeon-hole shelving or fitted cupboards on the walls of your under stairs area gives you a secret space for your perishables. Put a door on the pantry to create a streamlined hallway and protect all that food from your peckish household!

An under stairs pantry is ideal if you are struggling for space in your kitchen, or just if you always dreamt of having a pantry! 

3. Turn your under stairs into a craft space

under stairs 5

Similar to a home office but with a different purpose. If you’re a crafter and have been looking for small craft space ideas, transform your under stairs into a small desk space and let your creativity loose! 


Use under the desk for craft supply storage and install shelving above the desk to display your creations proudly.

4. Create a reading nook from a fitted storage bench

Installing a storage bench under your stairs creates a stylish place to read or write, with the added bonus of built-in, beautiful storage! Sharps use a clever front-frame design, which means there is no back and sides to our fitted furniture. This creates twice more storage space than traditional freestanding furniture!

Choose from our range of stylish fabrics for the seat and add some throw cushions for extra impact.

5. Toy storage solutions

making the most of wasted space under the stairs 63900

A built-in under stairs cupboard can be used for many things, but if you have young children who have a lot of toys, it can make for effective toy storage.


For those that have overflowing toy rooms and those that don’t, you can always do with more storage that the children can easily access themselves. No more excuses that they can’t put their toys away with their own secret toy cupboard.

6. Built-in shoe storage

Have you been looking for freestanding shoe storage ideas? Sharps fitted furniture runs from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, uncovering up to twice more space than freestanding units with a clever front-frame design.

If your stairs are by your front door, clear your hallway of clutter by transforming your under stairs cupboard into a fitted shoe storage unit complete with bespoke shelving and a stylish door and knob. This not only frees up space by enabling you to get rid of any bulky hallway furniture but also frees up space elsewhere in your house where shoes are stored. 

7. Fitted wardrobe

19 Pull down rail 2

Haven’t got space in your bedroom for a fitted wardrobe? Or perhaps you already have one and still need more storage space for your clothes. Transform your under stairs into a glamorous fitted wardrobe with storage solutions bespoke to your needs. 

8. Under stairs coat cupboard

If your stairs are near to your front door, turn the space into a coat cupboard! You could choose a fitted under stairs cupboard with a stylish door to create an enclosed space for your coats and jackets, like Sharps customer Claire has. Or go without a door and display your coats proudly, with easy access to grab-and-go.


With Sharps, you are able to handpick the storage solutions that best fit your lifestyle. You could have a hanging rail for coats and pigeon-hole shelving for shoes, or perhaps two rows of coats. With Sharps fitted wardrobe storage solutions, your rails can be extendable so you can make use of space even at the very top of your under stairs cupboard.

Sharps Fitted Furniture for Under the Stairs

Sharps fitted furniture is built bespoke for every customer. We measure your exact space to the millimetre to make sure your fitted furniture is absolutely perfect.

We also use a clever front-frame system, which means no top, back or sides, and this allows you to use every inch of space that you have. It is this system which allows us to uncover up to twice the storage space compared to traditional freestanding furniture.

Some fitted furniture manufacturers use a carcass design, which is when the fitted furniture does have a top, back and sides. You will get less storage space using a carcass design. However, just ask your design consultant about this as Sharps can use whichever structure you prefer.

Sharps have a range of stylish ranges, fronts, fabrics, knobs and handles for you to choose from to make your practical storage solution a beautiful feature in your house. Book a design visit using the form below for a no-obligation, free design consultation.

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