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Clothes storage ideas: tips and tricks.

Storing clothes can be a pain, especially when you’ve got outfits for almost every occasion. Of course, it’s not like we’re going out much at the moment, but there will be a time soon when a weekend means crafting that perfect getup for a night out. So, whilst we all wait it out, why not put some thought into making a space to store your clothes?

We recommend investing in a proper wardrobe storage solution, because it must be said that few things are as irritating as digging to the bottom of a drawer for a crumpled dress or shirt. With a proper wardrobe (and we mean a proper wardrobe), all your favourite items of clothing can be stored and organised exactly how you want them to be.

There are plenty of varieties of wardrobes to choose from. From a spacious walk-in wardrobe to a freestanding wardrobe, all of which Sharps can help with. To do so, we’ve put together a guide filled with useful tips and tricks for storing your clothes properly.

Plan what you want to store

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When deciding upon a wardrobe, you need to factor in the types of clothes and other objects you’re going to store in it. Will you be storing dresses primarily? Well, you’ll need to consider rail heights, because you don’t want your dresses dragging on the floor! What about long boots? Think about shoe rack height because again, you don’t want to bend your long boots to fit in the wardrobe.


Whatever you plan to store though, Sharps’ bespoke wardrobe solutions are more than capable of accommodating your needs. It doesn’t matter how much (or how little) space you have either, our talented team will make it work for you.

Seasonal wardrobe storage

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It’s fair to say almost everyone has those items of clothing they wish they could wear all year round, but sometimes it’s just not feasible.


When it comes to storing them away till next year, here are a few tips you can use to make sure you do it right:

  • Potentially an obvious one, but make sure you properly clean your clothes before storing them away! You don’t want to pull out a summer dress with last year’s wine still staining it.
  • Even if you have the biggest wardrobe around, we recommend storing your clothes in either a breathable bag or vacuum pack to save on space.
  • Got suits to store? Definitely invest in suit covers to protect against the scourge of moths.
  • If you’re storing shoes etc. in boxes, it might be an idea to either label the box properly, or take a picture of the contents and print it out. The latter, when done right, can transform your wardrobe into a colourful catalogue that can be truly satisfying.


Invest in quality coat hangers

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If you’re storing coats in your wardrobe, we really cannot understate the importance of investing in quality coat hangers. And by quality, we certainly don’t mean wire hangers, which by nature of their design tend to bend coats out of shape.


Oftentimes the creases left by wire hangers are impossible to iron out and they look terrible too. What we suggest is to get either a wooden or velvet coat hanger, which won’t ruin the shape of your coats.

Caring for your clothes

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Proper care for your clothes is important, but it’s something many people don’t fully understand or think takes up too much time. Here are some easy things you can do to start taking better care of your clothes:


  • Drawer liners are important if your wardrobe is made from wood. A liner helps protect your clothes against potential snags in the wood; imagine pulling out a scarf only for it to tear!
  • Moths are the bane of us all, but there are ways to keep them at bay (including the aforementioned suit covers). You can be creative with natural ideas such as putting lavender or bay leaves into a bag and hanging them in your wardrobe. Moths loathe the odour, but thankfully we love lavender.
  • Clothes covers should be considered even for things like a jumper or pair of jeans. It can be a pain bagging everything up, though it’s worth it to keep your clothes safe.

Sharps has a solution for all your storage needs

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Sharps’ bespoke wardrobe solutions can tackle any storage problem you need solving, whatever your budget may be. And because it’s bespoke, you get full control over exactly what you want. Our wardrobe options include:


  • Shoe & bag storage
  • Adjustable interiors and height-adjustable rails
  • Pull-down wardrobe rail
  • Wardrobe shelving
  • Pull-out shoe/tie/trouser rack or rail (or both)
  • Drawer organiser for jewellery and accessories



We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to book your free design visit and we’ll transform your storage problem into storage heaven.


What happens at your home design visit?

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A Sharps Design Consultant will come to you, bringing samples of drawers, handles and fabrics. They’ll look at your room to see how to best maximise space; create a personal, hand drawn illustration; help you choose the best interior storage options for you; and give you an accurate quote – with no pressure to buy.

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