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Starting with some research, Judith and Greg looked around to find the perfect fit for the job in hand. Making Sharps their final decision, they knew that we could not only dramatically transform the space functionally but beautifully too! With the end result being a dressing room that perfectly fitted their needs of tailored storage and style. 

The decision to get a dressing room has always been on the minds of the Dodsons. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to make it happen in their home, the loft area finally gave them the space to do it. Judith told us “I’ve always wanted a dressing room.”

Being both an older property and a loft space, their room was naturally very awkwardly shaped, with sloping ceilings, uneven floors and lots of nooks and crannies. Judith said “The house is very old, so there isn’t a straight wall or floor” Now, this is the kind of space that Sharps feels right at home in!

We started Judith’s transformation with a home design visit. This is our opportunity to really get to know the space, style and storage needs. Judith in particular got much more out of the visit than first anticipated.

Our design visit was great! We even managed to match the paint and wallpaper colour to a range.

Judith Dodson

The Dodsons tailored their storage solutions to perfectly fit the existing furnishings they wanted to include in the room as well as a very enviable shoe collection! Judith told us “We needed lots of shoe storage! Also, plenty of hanging space too as we already had the dressing table and chest of drawers.”

From design to installation, we’re proud to add the highest level of craft we think you deserve. Especially in spaces like Judith’s, where the space is awkwardly shaped and needs expert attention. That’s why our fitters are true craftsmen in the way they cut and fit every piece bespoke to your space. About the installation Judith said “The carpenter was amazing! Especially as our old house has some very awkward areas to work around.”

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