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How to create the perfect reading corner in your home

Everyone needs a space in their home to unwind with a good book and a bit of peace and quiet. Doubly so with so many of us spending more time at home. But how do you go about creating that space? Are you worried you don’t even have enough room? Whatever your budget may be, we’re here to help you set up the perfect reading corner in your home.

Choose a corner with a view

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Finding a reading corner is more than just literally choosing a corner and placing a chair there. You need to think about the things that make your future reading nook special, such as the view. And we’re not strictly talking to those lucky enough to live somewhere overlooking the ocean, no – the perfect view for your reading corner can be something as simple as a favourite plant or ornament on a table, for example.


That being said, we can’t stress enough how important a spot of natural light can be to transforming a reading corner into something special. Especially if you need a moment during the day, having natural light flood your reading corner can be a real mood boost.

Comfort is key

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Finn Juhn, a Danish architect, once said “a chair is not just a product of decorative art in a space, it is a form and a space in itself”. Whilst we’re sure there’s a deeper meaning to that quote somewhere, the basic point is that a chair should be more than just something you sit on; the best reading chair will be a key feature of the space it inhabits.


What this means for your reading nook is that you have to have a chair that gives you comfort. Otherwise your supposed sanctuary becomes a battle to overcome an uncomfortable chair, defeating the point entirely.


You can be creative with your chair choice; armchair, rocking chair, antique chair, the choice is endless and Sharps has a huge range to choose from. Whatever your choice of chair though, make sure you accessorise with comfy throws, cushions, and blankets. Treat your chair right and your reading corner will look after itself!

Pick the right reading light

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We’ve already mentioned how important natural light can be, but unless the world has stopped spinning, you’ll need to consider the right reading light for later reading sessions. Depending on how your reading corner is set up, you’ll need either a floor lamp, a table lamp, or desk lamp. You also need to use the right bulb, because you won’t want a super-bright light when you’re winding down with a book in the evening.

Transform a window bench

Bay Window

We’re big fans of a window sofa bench. If you have the room, a window sofa bench gives you plenty of space to lounge, with the added benefit of a window to the world. Or, think about a bay window storage bench – same principle but with the bonus of having somewhere to keep your books.


Transforming a window area is easier than you’d think and Sharps offers a great selection of window bench options. All window benches available are customised to you and your specific requirements. So regardless of space, with Sharps you can be sure your window bench fits into your home seamlessly.

Add a botanical feel

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The benefit of plants can never be understated. They have proven therapeutic qualities, such as sharpening your attention, and they help keep the air in your home cleaner too. What type of plant(s) you buy is entirely up to you, but our personal recommendation is a hardy dracaena. They’re well suited to life indoors, require little watering, and are amongst the best plants around for filtering air.

Invest in quality scented candles


Like plants, a scented candle can really transform the ambience of your reading corner. Pick a soothing lavender-scented candle for the evening, or a refreshing citrus candle for the day.

A side table is a must

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Don’t forget a side table to complete your reading corner. You wouldn’t want to be left without a place to pop your tea would you? When picking a side table, think about the height of your chair; it should be an epic stretch to grab a biscuit!


As for what type of side table, it depends on your needs. If you need a bit more storage, consider getting a side table with an underside drawer. If you want multiple surfaces, why not think about a nest of tables? Either way, if you’re looking for a side table Sharps can help you find the perfect one for your bespoke reading corner.


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