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Smaller bedrooms don't have to be stuffy and cramped - there are lots of ways to make a smaller room look bigger, and it’s surprisingly easy to do. We have found some of the best ways to make your bedroom seem bigger and more open, from specific colour schemes to clever accessories. 

Build Up, Not Across


When decorating our bedrooms, we often forget to optimise all the free space we have from floor to ceiling. Use free wall space by putting up shelves at varying heights - you can use this for extra storage, or simply to decorate your space with plants or books to make it your own.


A great option would be built-in shelves or wardrobes that can provide extra storage room, without taking up too much floor space. These can be made for even the most awkward spaces and allow you to make the most of what space you have.

Add Mirrors

SHARPS SEPTEMBER TV SETS 2017 10223 main doors on Sherbourne Crystal knobs with mirrors

Mirrors can provide much more than just a way to admire your outfit - the reflectiveness creates the illusion of a bigger space and is one of the easiest ways to open up a bedroom. With so many beautiful options to choose from nowadays, your mirror can be both decorative and practical.


Some of our favourites include starburst mirrors or the popular panelled mirror walls that have become a firm favourite amongst interior design bloggers. You could even incorporate it into your furniture by installing mirrored wardrobes or dressers.

Choose Raised Furniture

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While you may not have much floor space to work with, take advantage of all the space above it! Floating pieces of furniture such as bedside tables, tv stands and even beds can not only look stylish and modern but also keep smaller spaces open and airy. The more floor space, the bigger a room will feel and will ensure you have plenty of room to move around!

Install Sconce Lights

Manhattan White (14)

Carrying on the theme of floating items, sconces are the perfect lighting option for smaller bedrooms. Not only do they help avoid cluttering up nightstands or valuable floor space - they can also create the illusion of a larger room by drawing the eye upwards.


There are so many stunningly ornate sconces to choose from, whether you prefer a more antique vibe or a simplistic, modern style. 

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Sliding Doors 6

When it comes to optimising space, it is a no-brainer that keeping furniture and other items to a minimum is the best way to create an open and airy space. Consider ottoman style beds to store your belongings without taking up too much room and avoid having too many items out on display.


However, it’s important to still keep some key decorations and possessions on show to add character and ensure your bedroom space isn’t too sterile. 

Use Light Colours


As most are aware, lighter colours make a small space look bigger by reflecting light and reducing the amount of shadow. However, don’t feel tied down to sticking with white - there are so many stunning muted colours that not only open up a small space but also look elegant and sophisticated. We love the way stone or beige tones look with white bedding for a crisp and fresh feel. 

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