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Shoe storage solutions for an ever-growing collection of shoes

If you’re reading this now you probably have a passion for shoes. Perhaps you are partial to the odd pair of Louboutin heels, you might be more of a trainer collector, or even a Gucci loafer kind of person, perhaps? As a footwear fan, you will probably want to consider a shoe storage solution that offers long-term benefits and saves time searching for the perfect pair of shoes to team with a certain outfit.

Having an organised shoe solution, with everything displayed neatly on some shoe shelves inside a closet will make the whole process smoother and will satisfy the urges of your inner Marie Kondo. After all, having a shoe passion, you’ll want to keep your shoes in perfect condition, so storage is key. I’m sure most of us can admit to being a culprit of leaving shoes to pile up in a hallway or stuffing them into a cupboard and hoping for the best, but it is time to think smart about creating your very own bespoke shoe cupboard and preserve the life of your footwear favourites. 

In this article, Sharps will go through some key things to consider when planning a custom-built shoe storage solution for your home, so hunting for that missing shoe will finally be a thing of the past.

Shoe Storage Solutions

1. Utilize every inch of space

marble wallpaper

Maximise your shoe storage solution with space-efficient design, whether you have awkward angles, sloping ceilings, just want to create a small dedicated space for shoes, or have more space to fill and want something a bit more bespoke. A made-to-measure storage space which factors in the exact contours of your home is a popular choice for many households.


Top tip: you will want to consider airing space too when planning a shoe storage solution, to keep shoes looking their best for longer.


View Sharps Fitted Wardrobes Collections for Inspiration

2. Consider shoe height

9 pull out shoe rack 2

If you own mostly heels and boots versus flat soled shoes, then you will want to factor in the appropriate dimensions and height to accommodate sizes of shelving. If you don’t factor in the correct dimensions, then boots and heels will suffer from this lack of pre-planning and will end up squashed, sticking out or taking up more space lying flat.


Top tip: If your household owns several pairs of wellies for country walks, you will want to opt for them to be stored at their full standing height, in order to prevent damage.

3. How many shoes do you want to store?

19 pull out shoe rack 4

When planning a footwear storage solution, you will want to factor in the approximate number of shoes you will want your new system to hold. 


Often, you have more shoes than your current storage system can accommodate, so looking for a pull-out shoe rack or shelving solutions where you can double up on shoes on top of each other, such as pumps, trainers and kids shoes, will increase the capacity of your storage solution.

4. Get inspired

Shoe & Handbag Pod

Celine Dion reportedly owns a staggering 10,000 pairs of shoes and is renowned for her walk-in wardrobe shoe closet. If you have always aspired to owning your own custom shoe cupboard, as seen in the many mansions on LA’s Selling Sunset, or you simply want to get organised after watching Marie Kondo’s hit homemaker show on Netflix, then noting down what you like and dislike is key... 


...just make sure your dreams are realistic for your designated space.

5. Good lighting is key


​​​​​​One of the major factors to consider in your shoe storage solution is the importance of good lighting. No one wants to look like a low budget Cinderella, using a torch to find the right heel come the long, dark nights of the winter months. 


Many of us use our shoe cupboard as a place to get inspiration for an outfit and we think the best way to maximise this power is to use good spot lighting.

6. Add a bench to your walk-in shoe cupboard

Bennet   Window Seat 5

​​​​​​If you have the desired space, then you’ll definitely want to consider somewhere to sit down and try your shoes on, just like you would when you are in a footwear boutique. 


Depending on your decorating preference, you should consider a soft-furnished bench finished in a satin or velvet to give that real boudoir feeling.  

7. Add a mirror


There’s nothing worse than when you are running late for work or have evening plans and debating on that perfect pair of shoes to accompany an outfit.


Instead of walking from one area of your home to the next to find a full-length mirror, the easiest solution would be to hang a mirror inside your bespoke shoe cupboard, so you can tailor an outfit with ease.

8. When designing a shoe cupboard for a small child

6 adjustible rails for children 2

It’s worth considering that they don’t stay small for long. That’s why Sharps have designed our Flexispace interior storage solution to grow alongside them.


This clever storage system can be easily adjusted with an Allen key, which makes it easy to adapt a small child’s wardrobe interiors so it’s suitable for an older child or even an adult.

9. A bespoke designed shoe cupboard the Sharps way

Half Height Shoe Cascade

Here at Sharps, we offer a variety of shoe cupboard storage solutions in a range of sizes. We specialise in fitted wardrobes, with a bespoke service and a guarantee that they will last years.


To find out more about how Sharps could help you design your dream shoe storage solution, have a read of our brochure or book a free, no-obligation home design visit today.

What happens at your home design visit?

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A Sharps Design Consultant will come to you, bringing samples of drawers, handles and fabrics. They’ll look at your room to see how to best maximise space; create a personal, hand drawn illustration; help you choose the best interior storage options for you; and give you an accurate quote – with no pressure to buy.

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