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Whether you have a smaller space, or are lucky enough to have a larger bedroom, introducing a minimalist style is a great way to open up a room and inspire a sense of calmness. For the iconic minimalist look, it’s best to always remember that less is more and simplicity is the aim. If you want to get some inspiration, we’ve put together an easy guide of minimalist bedroom ideas to get you started.. 

Bare It All

Shaker White (Desktop)

Starting with the foundations of a minimalist bedroom, bare walls are a must when it comes to keeping your space open and airy. White walls are a timeless choice, but if you'd rather something less clinical, opt for neutral, muted paint colours like sand or stone. See tips on how designer Hannah Cork incorporates natural colours here. It’s also best to avoid hanging more than one or two things on each wall so the room doesn’t begin to look cluttered. 

Think Symmetrically

Bedside   Fusion

One important aspect of minimalism is having a sense of order or balance. When things are off balance, they can often look messy and sporadic. Follow the art of symmetry when it comes to furniture and decor, such as matching bedside tables and lights to create that polished, thought-out look that will have your bedroom looking like a showroom. 

Clean Lines

IMG 2356 copy

To achieve that signature minimalist look, it’s a good idea to steer clear of ornate shapes and stick to neat, clean lines. This could mean avoiding irregular shaped rugs or mirrors, or choosing rectangular headboards instead of intricate designs. Straight lines work almost like an optical illusion by creating a sense of stability and comfort which is perfect for that organised aesthetic.


Sharps' Manhattan range is the perfect basis for a minimalistic bedroom and is a favourite when it comes to creating order and harmony.

Smart Storage

Corner Wardrobe (8)

To keep your bedroom simplistic and neat, it’s imperative that you optimise your storage space as much as possible. To avoid cluttering up your space, go for furniture that has hidden storage, such as Ottoman beds or upholstered storage benches that can double as a seat. Built-in wardrobes are another great way to create a seamless look without compromising on storage space. 

Low Furniture

Sliding Doors 6

Keeping everything closer to the floor is a clever way to give the illusion of more open space and higher ceilings, which are perfect for that airy, minimalist vibe. Low-rise bed frames that appear almost on the floor are a firm favourite when it comes to creating a simplistic and modern bedroom and have been a popular trend in recent years. Low hanging lighting is also a great way to play around with levels and getting that minimalist look.

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