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Choosing your bedroom colour scheme is probably the first step you will take in designing your space, and is arguably the most important. With the rise of minimalist styles and an increased popularity in more neutral, earthy colour palettes, there’s no better time to go back to basics with your bedroom colour scheme. 

However, opting for a neutral colour scheme doesn’t have to mean having a drab and boring bedroom. Working with a solid neutral base gives you the ultimate freedom when it comes to choosing decor and furniture. Neutral colours such as grey and beige are also absolutely timeless and will certainly never go out of style, meaning your bedroom will be kept looking modern and chic for as long as you wish. 

Sharps have put together a guide to give you some inspiration on where to start with designing your neutral bedroom and some of our favourite colour pairings. 

Use neutral colours to emphasise bedroom features 


Arguably the best part about having a neutral base for your bedroom is the opportunity to let other features take the limelight. Against a mellow backdrop, even the simplest of items can stand out and make an impression.


Grey tones are the perfect pairing to emphasise metals, specifically gold, which has a stunning contrast. Work gold into your neutral room with light fixtures, plant pots or even embellished cushions. House plants also make much more of an impact against an earthy colour palette, with diffused tones helping to really make natural green colours pop. 

Combine beige with white


Beige colour schemes have seen a massive resurgence in recent years, probably for the soft and earthy feel it can bring to any room. We love the way biscuity tones look as a base colour for a bedroom and the way in which it allows almost any colour furniture to be paired. Why not incorporate white furniture into your beige room for a calming and clean feel? 

Contrast taupe with black and white

Monochrome Sliding Doors (21)

Taupe is a great choice for a bedroom colour. Mostly for its refined and modern feel. While it can be combined with almost any shade, we find it creates a striking yet classic aura when paired with black and white pieces. Think white bedding with a black trim, or a mix of black and white photo frames.


Another simple way to incorporate the two tones would be to install black handles onto white furniture. Check out our collection of knobs and handles here.

Mix cream with sage green 

Sherbourne Angled

While monotone bedrooms have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, there is no denying that a pop of colour is a great way to draw the eye and bring something interesting to your bedroom. Green shades have seen a major rise in popularity in 2022, and sage green is the perfect accompaniment to a neutral bedroom.


Earthy and calming - sage is the perfect way to bring the outdoors, indoors. This colour scheme is versatile, and would look elegant with an array of different furniture tones, especially light wood.

Blend slate grey and chrome 


With so many shades of grey to choose from, it is a safe choice for a bedroom and with the right accessories, can really make a statement. Slate grey walls create a soft yet moody feel to any bedroom, with darker, cool tones creating depth and sophistication.


Metals go hand-in-hand with grey tones, and add a sense of elegance to your bedroom. Add full-length mirrors or mirrored wardrobes and chrome light fixtures to achieve this look. Many of our wardrobes come in a stunning slate grey tone, we especially enjoy the way the Manhattan collection would look against chrome fixtures. 

Soothing blue, New England look

Bay Window

Creating a calm and tranquil bedroom is so important, especially for getting a good night sleep, and blue tones are a great example. Soothing blue shades are the ideal way to bring neutrality into your bedroom and create that New England look that is so popular.


Creating a permanent nod to sunny days and fresh air, it is the perfect backdrop to unwind after a long day. To extend the light and airy feel, encourage lots of natural light and uncluttered, open spaces. 

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