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Based on the interior designs frequently seen in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), this simplistic yet cosy style has become popular all over the world. Combining elegance with functionality, it’s no wonder it has become such a staple for our homes.

We’ve put together some ways in which you can incorporate scandi style into your bedroom to create a nordic-inspired space.

Stick To A White Base


One of the main aspects of Scandi design is light, open spaces. Due to the long dark months in Scandinavian countries, it became important to make the home appear as bright as possible. One of the best ways to do that is sticking to a light, neutral colour scheme wherever possible.


White furniture with clean lines like our Pure Collection is a great option. White and beige walls are a solid choice for your wall colour, but don’t be afraid to go for muted, soft hued colours too such as egg shell or sage.

Use Natural Materials

6   Swiss Elm with Stone Grey Frame

In order to emulate that cosy, warm feeling that is ever-present in Scandi design, incorporating wood and other natural materials is a must. The most popular (and also native to the Scandinavian region) types are lighter in colour, such as pine or ash, which look fantastic as flooring or furniture.


Our Swiss Elm finish is a perfect example of this. Worn, brown leather is also very common and creates a homely vibe that is a great contract against light-coloured walls.

Include Plants

Sliding Doors (Desktop)

To avoid your bedroom looking too clinical, scandi bedrooms often bring the outside, inside with lush green plants. Don’t be afraid to feature bigger varieties such as the Bird of Paradise or Yucca plant to fill larger spaces and create focal points without cluttering up your space.


We also love the way hanging plants look in the bedroom, draped from shelves or window sills. 

Have Multiple Light Sources

Sherbourne White (10)

As previously mentioned, the need for brightness in the home stems from the lack of natural sunlight that occurs during the long winter months in Scandinavian countries. This is why lighting is such a focal point for Scandi style bedrooms and features heavily throughout their interior design styles.


Combine lower hanging pendant lights with floor lamps and wall fitted sconces to brighten up your bedroom space, but ensure you use warm toned bulbs to create that cosy hygge feel.

Functional, Quality Furniture

Element doors on

Making your bedroom aesthetically pleasing is of course important, but one of the main principles of Scandinavian design is that it should make your space liveable and more practical. One of the best ways to do this would be to include fitted wardrobes that fit perfectly into your space, without taking away from the minimalist style.


Our favourite scandi-inspired fitted wardrobe is the Element fitted wardrobe range, which boasts simplistic design and a stunning wood finish.

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