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Most homes have a small room and there’s always the debate of what to use it for. Most people write it off as a guest or box storage space and nothing else, but there are so many creative bedroom storage solutions for whatever small space you have. Your small room is fully capable of making a valuable contribution to the storage space in your home. 

To help you decide what will be the best storage furniture for your small room, Sharps want to share 10 small bedroom storage ideas. Our storage ideas for small bedrooms will hopefully give you some inspiration for clever storage around the house and particularly how to optimise every inch of your small space.  

1. Fitted wardrobes

Small room 3 (1)

If you need to turn your small spare room into a bedroom, you are already sacrificing floor space for a bed and clothes storage furniture at the least. Whether you are planning on using the space as a guest room or for a permanent resident, you don’t want it to feel cramped or uncomfortable, but you still need to make the most out of every room. 


With Sharps fitted wardrobes clever front-frame design, what you see is exactly what you get. We design your fitted wardrobes to your exact room measurements. This means you don’t have to buy a standard wardrobe size, as your custom wardrobe will fit your space to the millimetre. What’s more, our wardrobes run floor-to-ceiling, adding inches more storage space and giving you a stylish feature furniture piece for your small bedroom. No other decoration needed!

2. Fitted Chest of Drawers

Chests of drawers as a clothes storage solution are a clever way to create the appearance of more space because they’re short enough to not block any natural light. You can also use the top of a chest of drawers for some decorative storage that won’t block the light, such as a DIY dressing table with a mirror, or some stylish baskets. 

Freestanding chests of drawers suit larger rooms because they tend to be deeper and they don’t sit against the wall because of skirting board. However, a fitted chest of drawers will sit back against the wall, giving you more floor space and a more finished interior design. If you get them custom-built, you don’t have to subscribe to the standard sizes available either.

3. Shelving

Pigeon Hole Shelving (1)

You don’t need to just look to the floor for extra storage space either. Shelves are versatile storage solutions for when you just can’t afford to use more floor space in your small bedroom. 


Use shelves for decorative storage or mount them around the tops of your walls for creative storage space that won’t interrupt the layout of the room. Or if you have floor space, maximise your storage by looking to fitted storage solutions that could encompass shelving behind a stylish front frame. 


Sharps fitted shelving is built to the exact measurements of your room and can contain a range of different storage solutions depending on your needs. Find a home for those hard-to-store objects on convenient shelving, behind a stylish, custom-built front frame system that could give you up to twice the storage space as traditional freestanding cupboards.

4. Walk-in Wardrobe

Who said your small room needs to be a bedroom? Indulge yourself with the walk-in wardrobe you always dreamt about by transforming your small room into a clothes and accessories storage heaven.

With a range of storage solutions, from floor to ceiling shelves, clothes hanging options and clever shoe storage, Sharps walk-in wardrobes are custom made to the measurements of your room, making the most of every millimetre.  

Sharps walk-in wardrobes have a clever front frame design which means you could get up to twice the storage space as with traditional freestanding wardrobes. And with a range of stylish lines and glamorous handle options, they make a great addition to your home, not to mention the potential value they could add to your property!

5. Cosy home office 

Phillips Office 1

Whether you work from home or not, a comfortable space in the home for kids to play computer games or do their homework; a calm space for a working parent; or just a casual space to browse the web is a practical thing to have.


Sharps fitted home office storage solutions are custom made to your exact measurements. You can choose from a range of different interior storage solutions such as pigeon hole shelving (with or without sliding covers) and with clever functionalities such as pop up electrical plugs.


Our fitted home office cupboards come in a range of stylish finishes to decorate your home office perfectly, all on their own. Whatever you need a home office for, your small room could be the answer. 

6. Paint your Small Bedroom White

It’s no secret that light creates the illusion of space, and what easier way to make a small bedroom seem bigger than painting the walls! Light paint colours, or white wall especially, make it easier for light to bounce around the room, creating the illusion of extra space. Any way you can get more light in a room will ultimately make it seem bigger, which is why so many interior designers love mirrors!

7. Fitted window storage bench seat

Bay Window

If you want some extra seating space in your spare room but don’t want to write off the floor space, a fitted window storage bench can give you both practicality and comfort. Turn your spare room into a second living space and use a storage bench to add more seating, without compromising on storage space. 


You could use it for toy storage, shoe storage, DVD storage, clever linen storage - you name it! The beauty of a fitted window seat with storage is the versatility, practicality, the extra seating and of course the beautiful feature piece for your guests to adore and envy!

8. Turn your small bedroom into a home cinema

Turn your spare room into a home cinema, with a sofa, blackout blinds and a fitted tv unit for cinema room storage! Use a sofa bed to keep the option open for guests to say and hide your tv away inside a fitted tv storage unit to turn that home cinema into a cosy reading room.

Sharps fitted wardrobes come completely bespoke to your space and your needs, so you can use them for what you want! Have a conversation with one of our design consultants during a design visit to see their ideas for your new home cinema room!

9. Sliding door wardrobes 

Sliding (Desktop)

Regardless of the size of your small bedroom, creating storage for small spaces is always a bonus. Who wants to waste a whole room in their house for bits and bobs storage with no real purpose? 


Sharps fitted sliding door wardrobes will create valuable storage in a room where you didn’t think you could have any because of wide-opening wardrobe doors. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t use standard sliding door sizes. We measure rooms to calculate the exact height and width of each section of the door, for a bespoke size to fit your space perfectly.

10. Make the most of your wall space with an overbed unit

You need all the floor space you can get in a small bedroom, but you don’t need the floor space right next to the head of your bed so why not use it for storage? A Bed bridge gives you all the practicality of a side table, the space-saving qualities of a shelving unit and the storage capacity of a big cupboard! 

Sharps fitted furniture is custom built to your exact measurements, so it can be designed around your specific bed size, for your specific room, in the style you want. You can choose your storage features, such as sliding doors, pigeon-hole shelving and pop up plug sockets for those handy by-the-bed gadgets or a bedside lamp. Book your design visit today so we can have a chat about the possibilities of a bespoke fitted overbed unit for your small bedroom.

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