Introducing The Key Bedroom Trends For 2012

Introducing The Key Bedroom Trends For 2012The bedroom is a private space that can be designed to reflect your personality whilst keeping your clothes, accessories and other important items stored away neatly, behind well-organised closed drawers and doors.

The longer we live in a home, or the bigger our family becomes, the more bits and bobs you accumulate and it’s often the bedroom that’s called upon to provide a home for these items. With the British weather being highly unpredictable too, we seem to battle with over-stuffed wardrobes filled with summer and winter clothes within reach so we can prepare for rain and shine, smart and casual, daytime and night time.

All this places a lot of expectation on the bedroom which is why fitted furniture is so popular as a way to bring order to the chaos. Designed to make the most of any space and provide storage in every single cubbyhole, fitted furniture can be designed truly around you and with a plethora of door styles and finishes available, the look will be truly yours too.

When it comes to looks for 2012, clutter-free will be key and new bedroom design will continue to blur the lines between function and style so that any space can fulfil its true potential. Complete personalisation too will be paramount, right from the door handles to the internal shoe racks and pull down hanging rails; women want a Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe and men want to be able to choose a tie in the morning with minimal fuss. With the knowledge that the clever thinking has already been done on the inside, it’s down to the door style and finish to create the overall impact.

Whether trend-setting or making the most of a spare bedroom, organising a teens bedroom or creating more storage space, a period style home or a city centre apartment, fitted furniture will provide the solution.

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