January Sales Survival Guide

January SalesThe January Sales can evoke a range of differing emotions – excitement at the thought of picking up a coveted bargain, yet it can leave you cold imagining the hoards of people queuing at the shop door ready to rugby tackle whoever they have to, to get their mitts on the spoils. Shopping is designed to be fun, so if you want to hit the sales but are filled with a little trepidation, you may benefit from our January Sales Survival Guide.

Preparation is Key:

Whilst it is easy to go weak at the knees at the sight of so many discount signs and dive in headfirst, your sanity (and your bank balance) won’t thank you in the long run. Sit down and make a list of what you’re looking for, and where you might find it. If you stick to this you won’t be faced with piles of items with sales tags still attached and no home come the summer. Then perhaps plan your route around the high street or shopping centre. This will help you to avoid going back and forth and wasting valuable shopping energy! If you do end up making lots of lovely purchases, remember you’re going to have to store them somewhere when you get home. Try clearing space in your wardrobe and drawers, or simply reorganising your other things so you can store them away nice and neatly to avoid any clutter.

Consider Christmas 2012:

As silly as it seems, it is worth planning ahead to next Christmas and pick up some bargains to make your life easier when December rolls around. As well as fantastic gifts for family and friends, you can buy wrapping paper, cards and decorations at a fraction of the price. Trust us you’ll thank yourself when Christmas arrives and you’re already sorted!

Keep Your Receipts:

If you get your sale bargain home and decide you don’t really need another tea cosy, or that you won’t wear that angora sweater after next week, don’t panic! Consumer rights on sale goods are the same as full price items (except where extra discounts have been offered due to faults, etc),so you will be able to return anything, and be guilt free.

So be brave, go forth into the January Sales, and go where no shopper has been before!

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