Flexispace Adjustable Interiors

Children's bedrooms with Flexispace

When creating a bedroom for a small child, it’s always worth noting that they don’t stay small for long. That’s why, at Sharps we’ve an interior flexible storage solution, Flexispace, that is designed to grow with them. This innovative system makes it easy to adapt a small child’s wardrobe interiors so it’s suitable for an older child.

These wardrobe and furniture storage solutions can be easily adjusted as your children grow; using an Allen key the wardrobe shelving and hanging rails can be altered to fit your children's clothes and toys which grow in size just like they do!

Working perfectly with Flexispace is our cabin bed which features built in storage underneath and an extra deep wardrobe that goes right to the wall, maximising every millimetre of space. Perfect for small, awkward shaped spaces, typically associated with children’s rooms!