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A workspace with more headspace


Familiar and calm, a bedroom is the perfect place to work.


BEDROOM SET 2 888 2280px

With a designer’s eye your bedroom can become the perfect multi-functional space to get some work done. And with clever storage you can clock off at any time and tidy away your workspace away into your wardrobe.

BEDROOM SET 2 1036 2280px
Manhattan in Dove
BEDROOM SET 2 888 2280px
Manhattan in Dove
BEDROOM SET 2 902 2280px
BEDROOM SET 2 1082 2280px
BEDROOM SET 2 1147 (Beverley Williams
BEDROOM SET 2 1241 2280px
BEDROOM SET 2 1354 2280px
BEDROOM SET 2 1360 2280px
BEDROOM SET 2 962 2280px
BEDROOM SET 2 982 2280px
Shelf mood lighting
BEDROOM SET 2 1018 2280px
EVOline square 80

Tech made for Home Working

Forget the sea of cables and bulky extensions and discover seamless technology.

Customise your handles

Add the finishing touch to your space with a diverse range of colours and styles.