Heather's Story

The Brief

When Heather Hepworth retired in July 2014, she immediately set about making improvements to the home that she shares with her daughter, their pet poodle, Bill, and beloved cat, Steve. Top of her list was the complete refurbishment of her master bedroom.

Heather’s existing room was dark, outdated and an unusual shape. Her bed was positioned against the longest wall, which lead into an awkward alcove corner that was just dead space. She also had mismatched cupboards and freestanding furniture dotted around the rest of the room and never seemed to have enough storage.

Heather Hepworth

Heather Hepworth
Retired Assistant Head Teacher

Job Summary

  • Unusual shaped room
  • Bed bridge requirement
  • Awkward corner alcove
  • Lack of storage
Heather wanted to improve storage, but also wanted the room to feel light, bright and airy. Her designer helped her choose the Cosmopolitan range in cream with a walnut frame for her room as this helped brighten up a previously dark space. At Sharps
Before Image
In the right hand corner of my bedroom, there’s an awkward alcove, which previously, has just been wasted space. I love to read, so my designer created shelving in this alcove, which would be large enough to house all of my books. Heather Hepworth

The Solution

Heather knew that she wanted some sort of bed bridge to improve storage, and also wanted the room to feel light, bright and airy, so was open to suggestions from her Sharps designer. He helped her choose the Cosmopolitan range in cream with a walnut frame for her room as this helped brighten up a previously dark space.

Heather’s designer worked closely with her to transform her bedroom into a stylish, practical space that she loves spending time in. So much so, in fact, that she says she uses it as a second lounge!

After Image
After Image
  • The room layout was changed to optimise space
  • Created a run of wardrobes across the longest wall in the room
  • A bookcase was incorporated into an awkward alcove space
After Image

How we did it

Heather’s designer instantly recognised that the original room layout just didn’t work. So the bed was switched to the shorter wall in the room, leaving space for a long run of wardrobes on the longer wall. A bookcase was incorporated into the awkward alcove to house her mammoth reading collection.

With her bed now on the short wall, Heather no longer had room for the traditional bed bridge she thought she needed. Her designer suggested an alternative – contemporary over-bed storage that stretched from wall-to-wall and right up to the ceiling. Heather then chose two narrow freestanding bedside tables to complete the look.

How we did it
How we did it
  • Instead of a traditional bed bridge we introduced contemporary over-bed storage
  • Over-bed storage stretches right across the width of the room
  • Two narrow, freestanding cabinets left room for a king size bed in the room
  • Sharps Platinum Handles

    Sharps Platinum Handles

  • Sharps Bedside Cabinet

    Sharps Bedside Cabinet

  • Laura Ashley Cushions & Bedding

    Laura Ashley Cushions & Bedding

  • Steve the Cat

    Steve the Cat

The Finishing Touches

Here’s a list of the finishing touches and suppliers Heather utilised to complete the look:

Handles: Sharps Platinum handles

Bedside Cabinet: Sharps Cosmopolitan

Wallpaper, cushions & bedding: Laura Ashley

Steve the cat: Client’s own

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