Jan's Story

The Brief

Hull based business owner Jan Strickland, has owned her one bedroom, first floor apartment since 2010. In December 2015, she decided to redecorate the whole place and with the help of Sharps, she finally transformed her small bedroom into her dream space.

The main problem with the bedroom, was the complete lack of space for the amount of storage Jan needed. There was only a chest of drawers either side of the bed, and there was very limited bed-to-wall space at the foot of the bed. So limited, in fact, that it was too narrow for a wardrobe with traditional hinged doors. Jan had another thing on her wish list – the inclusion of a dressing table, where she could keep all her bits and bobs and get ready in style.

Jan Strickland

Jan Strickland
Business Owner

Job Summary

  • Limited bed-to-wardrobe space
  • Narrow space either side of bed
  • Very small space
  • Request for dressing table
It’s been a lifelong dream to have my own dressing table, and now I finally have one! At Sharps
Before Image
I’d heard a lot of good things about Sharps and was particularly interested in looking at their Sliding Door collection. As my bedroom is so small, I thought they would help me make the most of what little space I have! Jan Strickland

The Solution

In order to open up the space and reflect light around the small room, Jan opted for the Manhattan white range. Her designer recommended a modern take on a bed-bridge, to incorporate as much storage space as possible. He also suggested a tall single wardrobe to fill the space on the left side of the bed.
Plus, much to Jan’s delight, he cleverly incorporated that much-wanted dressing table on the right side of the bed.

After Image
After Image
  • White furniture to open up the space and reflect light
  • Single and double hanging space
  • Shelving for shoes
After Image

How we did it

The wardrobe opposite the bed, features white glass Sliding Doors, as they were the only option that would fit such a narrow space, and they are, as Jan puts it, ‘the perfect space saver’. Behind the sliding doors, there is both single and double hanging space for Jan’s many clothes, plus shelves that she uses for her shoes.

In the single wardrobe, there is double hanging with a shelf and this is where all of Jan’s partner’s stuff gets hidden away! The designer recommended the handles – and that they were installed horizontally across the bed-bridge, so that they look modern and fit in with the style of the room.

How we did it
How we did it
  • A modern take on a bed-bridge provided extra wall storage
  • Sliding doors opposite the bed saved space
  • A dressing table was fitted neatly into the space to the right of the bed
  • Bed Frame

    Bed Frame

  • Bedding


  • Sliding Door Handles

    Sliding Door Handles

  • Fairy Lights

    Fairy Lights

The Finishing Touches

Here’s a list of the finishing touches and suppliers Jan utilised to complete the look:

Bed Frame: Harveys
Bedding: B&M Bargains
Handles: Sharps, Sliding Door Collection
Dressing Table Mirror: eBay
Fairy Lights: B&M Bargains
Dressing Table Stool: eBay

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